Richard Keys Biggs
  • Dear musiclovers, once again I turn to you. I am looking for a mass by Richard Keys Biggs. It's official title is 'Mass in honour of Saint Francis of Assisi' for 3 male voices and organ. As it is based on the theme 'Puer natus est' I hope to find it in time for Christmas.
    Dirk Maes
    Voces Capituli
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  • Jeffrey Quick
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    Oddly, there's a copy at Ave Maria University. But neither the record for that one or the U. of North Texas copy lists a scoring (and so many of these were published in various scorings.)

    It looks like this is a job for a private collector.
  • melofluentmelofluent
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    JQ, was this SoCal fellow Biggs the one who curated and arranged vocal music from the California Missions?
  • dad29
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    He was the father-in-law to Roger Wagner....
  • Dirk, I'll try too get a copy for you from his daughter.
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  • Wow, Paul, thank you very much for trying. I found some masses by Biggs, but the one I am looking for is nowhere to find. If you would get a copy, please include the adress of his daughter. I would love to keep her posted about us singing her father's music.
  • Dear Paul, did you have any luck yet ?
  • Dear Paul, ... Christmas is crawling near ... any luck yet on the mass ?
  • I called his daughter today and she will look for it.
  • great ! Thanks
  • Dear Paul, did you hear anything about the mass ?
  • His daughter is sending me the music.
  • ronkrisman
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    My understanding is that McLaughlin & Reilly, the publisher of Biggs' Mass in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, was acquired by the Summy-Birchard Company.

    And Summy-Birchard, while still using that name on publications, since 1988 has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., 10585 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025.

    One could enquire of Warner/Chappell whether they still have available for purchase the Biggs' Mass setting in question (as well as other works published by McLaughlin & Reilly).
  • Dear Paul, I haven't heard of you since october 9. Any news on the mass by Biggs ? I tried all the suggestions by ronkrisman (thanks !), but alas, no succes.
  • such a pity it didn't arrive in time for christmas this year. Still hope to get it for next year then.
  • It has been months since I heard from you ! Still hope the mass is coming my way.
  • Dirk, did you try to contact Summy-Birchard or Warner/Chappell directly? Just a thought.
  • Dear friends, I a still looking for the mass by Briggs mentionend above. I tried the publishers ... no luck !
  • Paul F. Ford
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    Tried to obtain this for you from his daughter and his son. No luck.

    His daughter gave me scores for the Mass in honor of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the Mass dedicated to Fray Junípero Serra, and the Mass In Te Speravi.

    I've not been able to connect with his son.

    Have you tried that Library of Congress?
  • cmb
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    @VocesCapituli Appears we have this in our collection. Sending you a PM.
  • oldhymnsoldhymns
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    Here is the SATB of Richard Keys Biggs' Missa Puer Natus Est--in Honor of St. Francis of Assisi. I hope you find it useful--maybe for next Christmas!

    I have all of Biggs' Masses, but my favorite is the one in honor of Junipero Serra.
  • Just a note: Biggs' music is (at least for now) public domain in Canada, where IMSLP's main servers are. If people are holding music, I strongly urge them to scan it and make it available there, which will tend to shorten threads such as this. I'm willing to be of technical assistance, with scanning advice or the actual scanning or putting up.
  • melofluentmelofluent

    Biggs is the one who curated and arranged the California Mission Mass. Our Choir is singing it this week at Mission Santa Clara at a Solemn High Mass at 6:30 and has been singing it annually there for several years and elsewhere on occasion.

    >JQ, was this SoCal fellow Biggs the one who curated and arranged vocal music from the California Missions?
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  • chonakchonak
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    Our confrere melofluent hasn't logged in to the forum lately, but I'm sure he appreciates the response. :-)
  • Oh, Richard Chonak, I'm very sad to know this.
  • chonakchonak
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    We were just thinking of him the other day, since there was news of a large new parish church to be built in his hometown.