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    Dear friends,

    As I've mentioned in a past thread (see url below this paragraph), I've thought it a good idea for awhile to have a "Catholic liturgical CPDL" where members can put up those random arrangements/compositions they've done which are never heard outside their own parish. Though I thought a couple years ago that a colleague and I could spearhead this initiative, alas, time did not allow.

    And though this is far from ideal, for the time being, I'm going to initiate this thread to be a source for shared compositions. A few ground rules off the top of my head:

    1) Attach any and all compositions that you'd like to share with the rest of us. Briefly jot down the suggested usage (e.g. Advent, Communion, Kyrie, etc.) so a newcomer can Ctl-F and find all compositions for "Lent" or whatever. Please also share any details regarding performance practice, occasion for composition, etc. . . anything at all you'd like to share.

    2) Let's try to minimize posts that don't include a composition (e.g. "Hey, this is a great idea!" (end of post)).

    3) Every sacred setting is welcome. Everything from complete settings of the "Stabat Mater" to the most brief Gospel Acclamation verse.

    4) If you've posted something on another thread, please re-post on this thread.

    5) Be brave! No one expects Palestrina-level stuff . . . post your stuff, even if you need to put 12 disclaimers (like I usually do) : )

    6) Let's keep positive and negative criticism of a piece private; leave your e-mail if you'd like to hear feedback from forum members.

    7) Let's agree to contact the composer if you'd like to use his work.

    Any other ground rules that we should establish?

    OK, start attaching!

    (Note: I've noticed in the past that sometimes attached PDFs disappear from old threads. Anyone know why that happened and if it still happens?)
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    I'll get the ball rolling . . .

    --Jesu Dulcis Memoria, arranged by Heath Morber (general usage, SAB (w/male split for "Amen"), alternatim w/chant, English verses)

    I composed this a few weeks ago to be used as a "quick-hitter" (i.e. something that could be learned in about 20 minutes with a pick-up choir); the rehearsal prior to Mass didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped, though it went well at Mass.


    --Lilypond hates me and there are still some things I can't do . . . so you'll see no quarter-bars or half-bars for the chant settings yet.

    --Bad page turn between p. 1 and 2, sorry.

    --The "Amen" section is to be "stretched" tempo-wise. Just the way you'd sing a normal Gregorian "Amen" . . .

    --Shoot me an e-mail if you'd like to use it or tear it to pieces. ; ) (satb98(at)yahoo)

    ****Updated disclaimer: I did it twice with two different choirs, and it didn't "take" either time. I wrote it with some strict parameters for myself, almost as a technical exercise, and the choirs had many difficulties. Just didn't work the way I wanted it to in a limited rehearsal time. The harmonization would probably work better as an organ trio . . . nuts.
  • Thank you, Heath, for this generous opportunity.

    Here are some pieces I'm willing to share:

    Non Nobis Domine (SATB)- originally used for the dedication of a school chapel
    Quomodo sedet solo civitas plena populo (ATTBB) - 'How lonely sits the city which once was full of people', should suggest uses on its own.
    Memorare (double choir) -- the traditional prayer
    Unus militum (SATB) communion antiphon for the feast of the Sacred Heart [just completed weeks ago]

    In final revisions: Mass in honor of Pope Benedict XVI, intended for use at the Extraordinary Form.

    One problem is that I don't have a way to upload the piece to this site. I'm willing to send inspection copies if you can provide SASE.

    Chris Garton-Zavesky
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    --Kyrie, adapted from "Deutsche Messe": Schubert, arr. Heath Morber (Kyrie, SATB acap. or colla parte, Greek text)

    Basically, I took R. Proulx's adaptation (published through GIA) of Schubert's movement, compared it with the original, and then moved it up to E major and slapped the Greek on to it. Simple, dignified, and a choir favorite (we do it for festive Masses w/strings and organ doubling the vocal parts).
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    heath, i think your idea is a good one
  • Heath
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    --Kyrie XVI, arr. HM (Kyrie, Chant w/descant and "subcant" (Did I coin this term? I've told everyone that I did . . . : ), Greek)

    I wrote this one for my top choir a few years ago which we use throughout Lent. The purists will hate it, but I think it works! : )
  • A while back I posted this setting of In Paradisum, and so I thought I'd share again. I'm planning for my choir to do this for All Saints this year, and if it goes well, keep it in the rotation for similar occasions.

    My compositional approach here is minimalist in style, aiming for a "modern" sound (whatever that means). In this case, I used the In Paradisum chant as a source for pitch collections to create the ostinati in the organ and the vertical sonorities in the choir. I don't know if thre are any performance practice issues. I'm just a composer; it's not my job to tell you how to sing the darn thing. :)

    Heath: Have you considered trying a version of Finale? I have yet to discover something I want for a score that Finale hasn't let me do.
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    Adding an organ piece based on the introit for the 16th Sunday - I'll be using this as a prelude next Sunday. Feedback welcome.

    A. Dobrucki
  • I have no idea how to convert .docs to PDFs, so here's the doc. It is this weekend's communion antiphon.

    I've been composing these for a while, in a hack-ish attempt to write "responsorial" settings of the Communion Antiphons, using the Meinrad Tones for the verses. I've attempted to set them modally, so they can be used in conjunction with the chanted antiphon. So, for example, at my parish we have quite a light summer when it comes to choir programs, so this antiphon would work this way:

    1. Schola chants antiphon "Optimam partem," final on G.
    2. Organ and cantor lead responsorial-style psalm submitted below, omitting the doxology.
    3. Schola sings the appropriate Gloria Patri and repeats the antiphon.

    It's worked so far. I have a lot more if anyone out there likes them.

    EDIT: I would love feedback. moditters(at)
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    Andrew, converting to PDF is simple simple. There's lots of free PDF converters out there that hook into Windows as a print driver. From Word or any other program, you just print to that particular "device" and it produces a PDF file for you.

    The one I'm currently using is NovaPDF, but there's plenty of good ones out there. Just Google "free PDF driver".
  • Thanks, guys. Even simpler, I could do it from home instead of work. Here at home, I have this fancy Word 2007 that can save as a PDF straight out. Try this instead.
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  • Heath
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    --Domine, Vivifica Me, Lassus (Offertory, 30 OT (not sure where it falls in the Old Calendar), SATB, Latin)

    I'm straying a bit, as this is clearly not an arrangement, but a transcription; it would probably be of more use on, but I tried to put something on there once to no avail and I haven't attempted since.
  • Heath
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    --Glory and Praise to Our God, Schutte, arr. HM (General, SATB, refrain only)

    Not the usual fare for this forum, of course, but a piece that is ubiquitous in many churches. I arranged it for a vicariate choir event a year ago . . . yes, I'm aware of the parallel fifths in bar six. : )
  • matthewjmatthewj
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    I love parallel fifths so much...

    Rules are for mules...
  • I am afraid the Schutte is copyright, so it should probably be removed unless permission from the copyright holder has been given.

    But don't abandon this thread, I think it is a great idea!
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    I'm surprised at how many people have done 'covers' of Schutte's songs,including this punk band. For his sake, I hope they paid the appropriate fees.
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    --Be Wise, HM (Antiphon, 2-pt canon, pentatonic, English)

    This one is really random; a Franciscan sister took her final vows this past April, and I composed this antiphon which is called for after the homily and before the ritual for the vows begins. I planned for it to be sung unison by a single sex, then done as a brief canon (note: observe the fermatas, or it won't work! The two "Be"s should line up).

    Unfortunately, it didn't even happen! I missed my cue and the bishop began the ritual without us singing this. Nuts. : )

    (Sorry I was too lazy to typeset anything beside the melody itself.)
  • Heath
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    --The Bridegroom is Here, HM (Responsorial Psalm, unmetered, pentatonic, English)

    And this was the psalm for the same service (I didn't miss the cue for this one!); verses are in the Lectionary, which I whipped up to a Mode VIII psalm tone.
  • Organ Prelude on Kyrie De Angelis by Noel Jones

    Originally scored for clarinet, flute and cello.
  • Chant Elevations Offertories for Organ by Mark Winchester, posted here as a gift to CMAA members.

    Mark Winchester has written a collection of 201 Miniatures, each based on a chant or hymn tune, that is quite useful.
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    Hmmm, for some reason I can't attach my .pdf files - it says they will only accept RAR files? Anybody?

    Sam Schmitt
  • rich_enough
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    I for one would love to see your stuff. Sure you couldn't simply scan the music and make .pdfs?

    Sam Schmitt
  • Heath
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    Sam, my PDFs are obviously attaching without trouble . . . somebody help out Sam, as his stuff is great!
  • Sam,

    I would love to send you copies. Perhaps we can talk off-line, and you can help me solve technical issues?

    In any event, my e-mail address is

    God bless,

  • Heath
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    --Crux Fidelis, arr. HM (Good Friday, SATB, acappella, English)

    Title's a bit misleading; the arrangement is actually the Pange lingua . . . proelium text in English set to PICARDY, with WONDROUS LOVE thrown in for good measure. This (like many of my arrangements!) was intended to be a "quick-hitter" (we have an ad hoc choir for Good Friday, with only one advance rehearsal).

    I was quite lazy when type-setting this and didn't include all the verbal instructions that I gave to my choir when I used this a number of years ago. And so:

    Vs. 1: Men
    Vs. 2: Women sing melody, men drone on "ooh" (final note of Vs. 1 turns into drone)
    Vs. 3: Men sing melody, women drone on "ooh" (finale note of Vs. 2 turns into drone)
    Vs. 4: Ladies sing canon, men drone
    Vs. 5: Men sing as written, ladies drone
    Vs. 6: Ladies sing PICARDY (top line), Men sing WONDROUS LOVE (bottom line)
    Vs. 7: SATB as written
    Vs. 8: Tutti, no drone, SATB at end
  • Three Antiphons by Sam Schmitt 1
  • Three Antiphons by Sam Schmitt 2
  • Three Antiphons by Sam Schmitt 3
  • rich_enough
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    Thanks! It's still not working for me.

  • I, too, have come across the RAR message...possibly it may have something to do with the browser in use?
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    --Gloria Patri fauxbourdons, Viadana (one by Roff), realized by H. Morber (General, SATB, Latin, chant w/fauxbourdon)

    I use these before the last repetition of the Communio each week. They're fairly easy, and the choir loves singing them! They make a nice contrast with the chant verses.
  • Heath
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    I whipped up two for Mode 4, it seems . . . I think one didn't flow well into a particular Mode 4 chant.
  • Heath
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    --Vexilla Regis, chant (Holy Week, Acappella, Unison, English (trans. composite))

    Couldn't find a setting ready-to-go on-line so whipped this one up. Probably should be an "Amen" at the end . . .
  • I have a ton of stuff (mostly Latin) up at the non-Catholic non-liturgical CPDL. Rather than duplicate it here, I suggest you go there and look under Jeffrey Quick.

    The only things I have that aren't up there are my Mass in Honor of St. Maximilian Kolbe (which I am convinced has commercial value) and new settings of Timebunt gentes and Mirabantur omnes, which I'm not quite ready to put up yet as they haven't been done anywhere. But if anyone is looking ahead to the post-Epiphany holding pattern and would like to use some 4 part motetlets for Propers, I could be inveigled into emailing a pdf.
  • Martyr's Mass - New Text Mass - for Advent 1, 2011

    Lamb of God may be sung now, no changes in that text.

    It is under Creative Commons 3.0, so share, copy, use in any way except for commercial use...

    Seeing new Masses with the new text on commercial sites must mean it is OK for everyone, unless there is a special indult for the big publishing houses. If so, I'll pull this down. Like most of the music here, I think, if anyone wants to include in a publication for sale, it's available. If you like it, tell others about anything on this page.

    We all need to thank Heath for this topic. Thanks!

    [Audio files by Finale at]
  • IanWIanW
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    Here's an arrangement of Vovete, the Communio for 23rd in Ordinary Time.
  • francisfrancis
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    That is a very cool piece!
  • Hymn to St. Therese of Lisieux

    Thanks to Maureen for finding the text. This is BIG NOTES [pbec_] to help those just learning to read chant and round notes [sttherese].

    The chant tune is dedicated to our own Mary Rose in prayer for a timely cure.
  • IanWIanW
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    Arrangement of Gradual Communio, 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cantor + SATB. The cantor part is written for tenor, but could be sung by a sop, 8VA.
  • I'd like to thank Heath for his lovely arrangement of "Jesu dulcis memoria." Sublime, hybrid of ars antiqua and Oxford. Just lovely, lovely.
  • IanW and I may disagree at times...but he's not going to argue with me saying that his setting posted above is really nicely done. I looked at it a couple of times and finally got to a piano to go over it to make sure how it sounds and for a congregation that is accustomed to hearing chant there, the interspersed choral parts should be like shafts of sunlight.

    Thanks for writing and posting this, IanW.
  • Heath
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    Charles, very kind of you, thanks . . . though I've given it a run with 2 different choirs in the past 2 months and haven't been satisfied with the result either time! Maybe you'll have more success with it than me. : )
  • IanWIanW
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    Thanks for your kind words. You're right - I won't publicly disagree with you on this (whatever my private reservations). Now all I have to do is make sure I have the right voices available on the day! I've set it as I have because we rehearse an hour before Mass, and our number may include some who have more experience of reading dots than neumes. This way, I don't have to ask them to sit out the Communio.

    And Heath: I'll add my thanks to you for setting up this thread.
  • SATB arrangements of two pieces originally for SATTB.

    Please excuse the unsightly look of the scores, but I hope they may be useful.

    Sam Schmitt
  • francisfrancis
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    Nice! Great voice leading.
  • francisfrancis
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    NICE! I love that Surrexit. I am going to use that one for sure.
  • francisfrancis
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    Hey you guys... I am organizing all my digital music... I have been doing this for two weeks straight as I have about 20,000 pages. I will try to post a lost of sacred music here when I get the chance.
  • A New Commandment, SAB