Gregorio Web App with GUI - "Illuminare Score Editor"
  • Over the past several months, Benjamin Bloomfield and I have developed a web application for the processing of Gregorio GABC. We have now made available a public facing installation of this app for general use:

    There are some variable items, but much of the styling is preset to common practice conventions. Note the live GUI and the ability to play back scores via MIDI. This is the beginning of something wonderful, I think.

    Please report bugs or make feature requests on this thread.
  • This is awesome!
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  • RobertRobert
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    This is exciting, but not working for me at all. Viewing it on a Mac using Firefox, cannot click on anything.
  • I second Robert's observation on Mac Firefox (9.0.1).

    Viewing on Safari 5.0.6 (Mac OS 10.5.8):

    — preview area interferes with dropdown menu for fonts (perhaps a layering/z-index issue).

    Congratulations on the release…this looks to become a really good tool!
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  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Doesn't work for me either (Windows 7, Firefox 9.01).
  • W7, fx 9 = nothing
  • I should have mentioned that this has primarily been tested in Chrome. This is probably where it will work the best. Perhaps Benjamin can do some work for browser optimization, but until then I would suggest using Chrome.
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  • bbloomf
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    Yes, I've only tried it in Chrome so far. I'm sure it won't be terribly difficult to get it working with Firefox though.
  • chonakchonak
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    Looks very nice on Chrome under Linux! Congratulations!
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  • I just went to download Firefox, and it appears they are on version 10.0 now.

    In Firefox 10, it appears to display correctly, but nothing is this the same is in Firefox 9? I will probably have it working in Firefox 10 later today.
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Display is fine in Firefox 9.01, but nothing is clickable. I suppose that I will automatically upgrade to 10.0 in a day or two.
  • OK. It should be working in Firefox now. I was using a JavaScript property that was available in Chrome but not in Firefox. Should work in any version of Firefox now.
  • Wow, cool.

    One request- Gregorio "cheat sheet" in the sidebar. Reminders on how to make quilismas, episemas, ictus, oriscus, etc etc.
  • Good idea, bgeorge77; I will probably add something like that eventually.
  • Mac OS 10.5.8, Firefox 9.0.1, Safari 5.0.6:

    "Play Score" is non-functioning. Everything else looks to be A-OK.
  • I had tried it quickly on Firefox at work, and "Play Score" didn't work, and I thought I would look at it when I got home, but when I got home, in Firefox 10 on Windows 7, Play Score is working. I'm not sure what version of Firefox I had at work.
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Beautiful! But with Windows 7 and Firefox 10.0, Play Score is not working.
  • Excellent:Thank you Adam, and many thanks to CHonak too. I am just beginning to use Gregorio and Lilypond.
  • Mac OS 10.5.8, Firefox 10.0:

    — "Play Score" works. :¬)
    — Textarea returns the displayed code to the first line automatically, making editing multi-line markup difficult/impossible. One must use the scrollbar to go to the final line, and one may place the cursor in the desired place with a left-mouse click, but every keystroke from there causes a jump to the top of the displayed code (cursor retains proper context, though).

    Neither of the above behaviors is to be found in Mac OS 10.5.8, Safari 5.0.6.
  • I don't think the latest version of Safari has the necessary Javascript audio support to be able to work with "Play Score".

    I should be able to fix the scrolling problem in Firefox.
  • OK. I think scrolling should no longer be a problem in Firefox.
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  • Idea 1: Links on the sidebar to GABC repositories.

    Idea 2: Maybe there should be a GABC forum here on MusicaSacra or there on Illuminare, where people can post their GABC files according to Name/Liturgical Function/Source/Language/Variant etc (Example a thread with the title "Puer Natus / Introit Christmas Day Mass / Graduale Novum / Latin Antiphon / English Verses"), Subsequent comments could offer corrections.
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Windows 7, Firefox 10.0

    Play score: still not working :(
  • OK. I think I just fixed it; Play Score should work in all Firefoxes now. Please let me know if it still doesn’t
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Still no luck.
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  • Hmm. Maybe it has the old version of the page cached. Try going to this page and clicking on a neume or pressing the spacebar while neither of the textboxes has the focus. If that page makes sound, try going to the other page and refreshing before typing in some GABC and hitting "Play Score"
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Nada, zip, nichts, nothing. Not on the transcriber page nor on the gregorio page, both after refreshing.

    And I've no problems with any of my other programs or pages that play sound.
  • jpal
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    I have been using this for the past couple weeks very successfully (through Chrome, both in OSX and Linux). I love the very professional look of the resulting score. Play Score works fine for me, although I don't use it.

    The only issue I have is that I would like to have the "name" header work.

    In honor of Lent, here is Ave Regina caelorum with word-by-word translation. The spacing is funny because I had to keep the text in the translation from running together, and it had to fit on a particular size program. Hopefully someone may find it useful.

    name: Ave Regína caelórum;
    user-notes: ;
    commentary: ;
    annotation: vi;
    centering-scheme: latin;
    %spacing: vichi;
    %font: OFLSortsMillGoudy;
    %width: 4.5;
    %height: 11;
    (c4) A[Hail](f)ve(e) Re[Queen](d)gí(c)na(d) cae[of heaven](f)ló(g)rum,(f) (;) A[Hail](h)ve(j) Dó[Lady](ixi)mi(g)na(h) An[of the angels.](g)ge(f)ló(h)rum:(g) (;) Sal[Hail](f)ve(e) ra[root,](d)dix,(c) sal[hail](d)ve(f) por[gate](g)ta,(f) (;) Ex[from whom](h) qua(g//////////////) mun[unto the world](ixi/////)do(h/////////////////////////) lux[a Light](g//////////////) est[is](d) or[arisen.](g)ta:(f) (:) Gau[Rejoice](f)de(g) Vir[Vir-](h)go[gin](h) glo[glorious,](g)ri(h)ó(ixi)sa,(h) (;) Su[over](j)per(ixi) om[all](h)nes(g) spe[fairest.](f)ci(d)ó(g)sa:(f) (:) Va[Fare thee well,](ixi)le,(h//////////////) O(g) val[most](ixi)de(h) de[beauti-](g)có(f!gwh)ra,[ful,](h) (;) Et[and](j) pro[for](ixi) no[us](ixi!jk)bis(h.) Christ[to Christ](h)um(g) ex[pray.](f)ó(gg)ra.(f) (::)

    Thank you VERY much to Adam and Benjamin for this, and to Richard Chonak, whose Gregorio app has been my lifeline for the past year and a half.


    P.S.: Thanks to Gregorio and resources such as those at the CMAA and Watershed sites, several of my singers are proclaiming that chant is "cutting-edge."
  • No problem. It will now produce a title if there is a name present in the header.
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  • jpal
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    Excellent, thank you! That saves me some trouble.
  • This ROCKS. :)

    It’d be really great if there were an archive of gabc scores; then this utility could have a menu of chants to print, ready-made. Could even script conversion to EPS and PNG.

    I’m a web developer myself; any use for help? I’d love to see this grow! felipe (at)
  • bbloomf
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    I think it would be useful to have this connected to a repository of gabc scores as well; something like but for chants. I'm not sure if Adam would want them hosted on this server, and I think Andrew Hinkley already has a bunch at so maybe we could just make the GABC files in his repository easily accessible.

    Anyone interested can browse the source code for the pages at here:

    If conversion to EPS and PNG is desirable, it would certainly be easy to add; it is already getting converted to PNG for when "Preview" is clicked.
  • EPS/PNG are godsends for including chant into programs for Mass. We do this at Our Lady of Walsingham in Houston with the Memorial Acclamation chant.
  • Is there a URL schema for this, btw? Something like ?gabc=(URL-encoded .gabc), and it will render right away? Perhaps also supporting a print=(pdf|eps|png) variable?
  • Ben: Looks like you have rolled-up JS, but where are the source files? jgabc.js, audiolet.js?
  • bbloomf
    Posts: 70{GABC}&font={FONT-NAME}&fmt={pdf|png}&width={WIDTH_OF_CHANT_IN_INCHES}&height={HEIGHT_OF_PAGE_IN_INCHES}&spacing={|vichi|smith}&croppdf={true|false}

    should work, with everything in curly braces replaced by an actual value.
  • bbloomf
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    JGABC is my project that renders the chant preview in an SVG and is here:

    Audiolet is a library I found to do the audio synthesis and is here:
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  • So, that’s another potential format? PDF, EPS, PNG, and SVG? :)

    Did I mention I think this is a COOL project? :)
  • Another question: can I control the size of the first letter (while still keeping it separate from the rest of the first word)?
  • bgeorge77
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    Hey Felipe, the Gregorio site says to stick this in the header:

    initial-style: 1;

    "initial-style The style of the initial letter. 0 means no initial letter, 1 a normal one, and 2 a large one, on two lines. Note that if you want to use the initial on two lines, you have to specify at least the two first line breaks."

    It doesn't seem to work for me though.

  • bbloomf
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    Felipe, right now there is no way to do this; the initial letter is also always set to the Garamond font. I will add a setting for the size of the initial letter when I get a chance.

    I don't know about setting the initial letter to be two lines tall; I've never tried that.
  • Ben YankeBen Yanke
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    Just want to say this interface is wonderful. Chonak's is also great. They are both great for different purposes, but I love the live-updating aspect of this one. Thank you!
  • Wanted to add my thanks and admiration for a wonderful resource! It has been invaluable for creating the scores for solemn vespers here at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception among other projects!

    Any chance this might be available as an off-line program at some point in the future? I've had a difficult time installing gregorio with TexLive etc...
  • bbloomf
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    Unfortunately, an offline version would not be able to produce PDFs, because that work is being done by Gregorio and TeX running on the server. Thus an offline version would require TeX and Gregorio to be installed locally, which would basically defeat the purpose.
  • Bug report: Occasionally the app will fail to include a hyphen for words split by a line break. I've not discerned any rhyme or reason for it, but it is a uniform, repeatable behavior for given gabc code snippets. I've worked around this by manually adding the hyphens to the gabc code, but that then renders the code less flexible for page-width changes and the like.
  • I really like the verse and response characters that illuminare puts out. Is there any way to obtain those characters by themselves for continuity's sake between the chant scores I am creating and the written words?
  • smvanroodesmvanroode
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    I designed these, based on the characters used by Solesmes. They fit with Garamond Premiere Pro. I can't upload the ttf-file on the forum, so if you send me an email through, I will send you the file.
  • Ben YankeBen Yanke
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    You should be able to upload a ttf file here (user:ms-upload, pw: ms-upload), then post a link for everyone.

    Edit: I just tested it, and TTFs do work on my upload box, if you're interested, Steven.
  • jarosz
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    I have noticed a bug with page size - 1 inch is added to specified width when crop pdf is disabled.

    Test case:
    name: Test score;
    %spacing: vichi;
    %font: OFLSortsMillGoudy;
    %width: 3;
    %height: 3;
    (c4) This(h) is(h) test(h)

    Expected result: square box, but it's in fact 4 inches wide instead of 3.
  • WJA
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    @ the font smvanroode linked (thanks, by the way!), it includes not just the V\ and R\, but also the A\, which reminds me of a question I've been meaning to ask those who are more knowledgeable than me: what is A\ and what is it used for?