Spanish Propers
  • Lent compiled booklet: see below
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    Thanks for the Lent booklet! But 1) It's missing page numbers, which makes collating a daunting task, and 2) there's an instance of a page break between a staff and its associated text underlay (I'd like to tell you which page, but… ;-)
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  • Thanks, Richard! I fixed it and reloaded it.
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    Ooo, just in time if I had needed it today ;-) My student might have a go at a non-year C Lent V communio someday, but I'll especially look forward to Holy Week Propers for the bilingual Masses: something fancy for the Mandatum, I hope!
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  • I'm still working on Palm Sunday... but my work has kept me busy lately, so not as much time to devote to this project... I'll keep plugging :)
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    I'm a little late to the party, but this project is of real importance to introduce propers at Spanish Masses.

    I've read the thread and how many are unsure which copy of the Spanish Roman Missal to use and waiting on the USCCB for a new one to be published in the US.

    The sung propers are from the Graduale Romanum and not from the Roman Missal. (The Roman Missal antiphons were intended to be recited, hence why there are discrepancies between some of the antiphons in the Roman Missal and the ones in the Graduale Romanum.)

    To my knowledge there has never been an official (approved?) translation of the Graduale Romanum. Does that give us more leeway in terms of using a translation for the propers? (I can understand one has to stick with the approved translation for the Ordinary.) Might I be missing something?
  • I've had a bit of time to work on the project again... you can find recent updates here:
  • So glad this project and thread are still going. I'll be looking to use and review more of these chants. Thanks, Janet.

    A handful of priests I know have expressed interest in incorporating chant in Spanish. Their biggest obstacle seems to be finding musicians that can do this. Pray for them.
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  • Thanks very much, Gustavo... I'm going back over the work done last year at this time, revising, adding psalm verses and Gloria al Padre and re-recording. I have notes from Sr. Maria Jose from the local Poor Clare monastery to assist, so hopefully it will be an improvement.

    I think it is up to us who sing chant in English or Latin to work to teach this to our Spanish-speaking singers... hopefully the recordings will help make it a little easier as they learn the notation.
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  • OK... most of the liturgical year for Introit and Communion is complete. I'm now starting work on Offertory chants. I've begun with Lent offertory chants - so far only the difficult version available... simpler coming later. I also set the Easter Vigil canticles, plus the Alleluia and Offertory this year - again, only the difficult version so far. Since I use the Graduale for the adaptation, it is easiest to start with the difficult and then to simplify.
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    This is a wonderful resource, Janet; thank you for your many hours of hard work on this. I am not sure if I will be able to utilize these at this time, but I am sure that they will be of great use to some.
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  • Ignatius Pew Missal plans to debut a Spanish version this Advent for the 2018-2019 liturgical year. If it is similar to the current English version, it would include modal entrance and communion antiphons for each Sunday and Solemnity.
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    It's been awhile since I've posted, but the work continues... I'm on the last leg of the project now, with only about 13 weeks left to adapt to the new Misal texts for the Introit and Communion propers. In addition, I've been adding responsorial psalms and Gospel Acclamation settings as well. The Responsorial Psalms are adapted with very much simplified settings based on the mode of the Gradual for the particular Sunday. The Gospel Acclamation settings are really just adaptations from the Proper Alleluia from the day, so are more difficult. Simplified versions will be adapted later.


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