Favorites from The Summit Choirbook?? Help!
  • I just recently obtained a copy of The Summit Choirbook and from the first few pages I found I was very surprised to see how wonderful these pieces are!

    What, if I may ask, are your favorite hymns from the book (to point me in the right direction for upcoming feasts and the liturgical year to come)?
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  • canadashcanadash
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    I've never heard of this choir book?
  • CharlesW
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    Neither have I.
  • Marc Cerisier
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    I do 'Adorn Your Bridal Chamber' from it with my girl choir every Feb. 2. 'To You Do We Come' is also excellent.
  • ScottKChicago
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    No. 290, I bind unto myself today (St. Patrick) is a favorite for Trinity Sunday, confirmations, ordinations, or in general.

    Then there's No. 157, well done here by Stephen Colbert:
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  • Kathy
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    Best. Hymnal. Ever.
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  • rich_enough
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    It is an excellent resource with many things I have found nowhere else. Here are some of my favorites:

    #6 - Long is Our WInter (it appears that the E-flat on "is" in the second line should be a D)
    #62 - Gabriels' Message Does Away
    #77 - That Virgin's Child - hauting setting by Talllis of a marvelous poem
    #96 - Christ is Arisen Glorious
    #100 - Rejoice, Angelic Choirs, Rejoice
    #129 - Into Our Hearts, O Spirit Come
    Christ the King and General
    #151 - Jesu Rex Admirabilis - an oldie but very goodie
    #186 - O Gladsome Light
    Blessed Virgin Mary
    #218- Maiden Yet a Mother
    #347 - O Maria, O Star of Morning
    #353 - Mary, Thou Art Fairest

    I've sung a number of these with choirs (6, 77, 151, 347) with great success. #347 comes from a collection entitled "Christan Life in Song," edited by Paul R. Ladd and published by McLaughlin Reilly around 1963. Another fantastic resource if you can manage to get a copy.
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  • chonakchonak
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    The hymnal is produced by the Dominican Nuns of Summit, NJ, and can be ordered from them here.
  • jbmusicrose
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    Wow great topic--I have one of these too but never got around to really studying it and looking through. Thanks rich_enough for your detailed selections, this will surely help. Does anyone else have more favorites from this vast resource?
  • Kathy
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    I think one of its strengths is the breadth of hymn tunes. Playing through it is an education in itself.
  • CGM
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    Is this a 4-vc. hymnal (that is, SA/TB on a grand staff)?
  • Spriggo
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    Is this a 4-vc. hymnal (that is, SA/TB on a grand staff)?

    Mine arrived today, and yes, it appears that this is so.
  • Kathy
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    I couldn't remember if it was SATB or SSA, esp since it was originally intended for nuns in Dominican Monasteries.