Chabane Psalms?
  • rogue63
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    The sites have been down for a few days, or is it just my computer? Any news about this from anyone? I love the resources and hate to go without them!
  • Appears The-Chant-Expert-Formally–Known-As-JMO changed more than his name on the group. Try this:

    Well, the first link I had stalled, this one goes in but fails when choosing psalms, like Bobby mentions below. Must be in a technical cycle like Chonak suggests.
  • lmassery
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    I'm still having the same problem, rogue. I have a wedding on Saturday and was going to print one of the wedding psalms.
  • Edit:

    Never mind... The ccwatershed site is fine but when you click on the individual psalms it doesn't work.
  • CharlesW
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    Appears The-Chant-Expert-Formally–Known-As-JMO changed more than his name on the group.

    Both he and mellow Charles have changed their names. I am beginning to wonder what those boys have been drinking. ;-)
  • chonakchonak
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    Perhaps there's some technical work on the site underway. . .
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    CharlesW, you can cease speculation about the consummation of spirits with either JMO or myself. Now and then the vagaries of dealing with internet issues require some minor adjustments, and besides, there's a bit of unseemly judgmentalism implicit, if only for humor, in your speculations.
    And to allay further the forensics of my new alter ego's handle, did anyone consider that "melofluent" had nothing to do with "state of mind" and more to do with familiarity with the pre-eminence of melody? Yeesh.
    It's 10:38 PST, after a long workday. Does it appear I'm incapacitated?
    If everyone wants to actually do some good at MSF, repair relationships.
  • Last I heard, they were experiencing "server issues." It's an Internet thing I don't understand, but I don't think the site is down permanently.
  • CharlesW
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    Mellow Charles, spirits notwithstanding, I certainly hope nothing has happened to cause either of you to feel threatened in this public forum. I do realize there are those who could take offense at something said here and react in unpredictable ways.
  • A bit off topic ... but sort of with the flow of this discussion ... I wish someone would start a forum/site where everyone uses their real names but there is verification and it is password protected. This way there could be a truly free and open airing and exchange of ideas away from the prying eyes of google.
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    No problem, CW. I can tell you that I, for one, don't drink Kool Aid.
  • I've fielded a couple of direct requests for my Psalm settings in the last few days, which I'm happy to accommodate, should anyone else need them in the interim.
    Richard Rice
  • melofluentmelofluent
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    Very good! I can tell you I didn't leave sufficient time in rehearsal last night to insure success with your 28 Ord Choral Communio, RR, wow!
    I'm telling you, people, these are each mini-miracles for choirs, particularly where there is sufficient time after the fraction and during reception of celebrant/EHMC's that provides unfettered attention to the proper attending that action. And then, the choir receives during a seemless transition to a congregation piece. Perfect. Not the GR, but it helps so much when you have a choir that wants to choir whenever possible.
    I would also give props to JMO as we've gotten the SATB "Sherwin Gloria" ready for a late October unveiling. Sumptuous.
  • ryandryand
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    I'm jealous .. wishing we were ready for something like that.

    Brick-by-brick, right?
  • Dear friends,

    Thank you for all your support. I have added some explanation here:

    Thank you for your patience. We have been without a webmaster since 2010. We are praying for the funding to hire a webmaster, but at this time, God has not yet sent the funds.
  • rogue63
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    Thanks for the update. I quite understand about lacking funding---my salary qualifies my family for WIC and food stamps---and I will keep you in my prayers. The work is beautiful and provides an immediate and helpful service to the Church. Deus vult!
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  • I wish I was a millionaire because Corpus Christi Watershed would be one of my pet charities! Am looking forward to seeing the new hymnal.
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  • . . . and we're back !!!