Last Verse Harmonization ... The First Nowell

  • Hi Folks, looking for a nice last verse harmonization of The First Nowell ... can you recommend one? I see some online but the websites do not offer at least a preview to know if I would like it. Thank you. Bob
  • Bob,

    Are you looking for what is sometimes called an "Anglican Organist" -- according to which the choir and the congregation sing in unison (and usually quite loudly) while the Organist has a field day with stops and harmonizations he doesn't usually use....


    do you want a choir, 4-part arrangement of the tune, set to the words of the last verse?
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    @lagunaredbob Are you sure you're not looking for a nice jazzy Adeste Fideles?
  • Chanticleer sings the Willcocks "Anglican Organist" final verse.
  • Yes ... Just an "Anglican Organist" harmonization for the last verse of The First Nowell for organ while congregation sings the last verse unison. Thank you.
  • The Paul Halley arrangement is very nice in full, but you can also use the last verse standalone, descant included if that's your cup of tea. It can certainly be omitted. Preview at Music Pages/PEL5000_Liturgical/PEL5021_SATB_The_First_Nowell.pdf

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  • Casavant Organist, thank you so much. This is so perfect. Thank you. Bob
  • Check your publishers' catalogues. There is a plethora of publications with titles like 'One Hundred Last Verses' and so on. I know that both Oxford and Novello publish such books. Specifically, there is one titled '200 Last Verses', by Noel Rawsthorne, and another called '200 More Last Verses', which is an expansion of the former by Rawsthorne. The pulisher is Kevin Mayhew. There is another, titled 'Free Organ Accompaniments to Fifty Hymns', by T. Tertius Noble, published by Alfred. Also, there is one with choral arrangement and descant by David Willcocks in Carols for Choirs (Oxford), and another well known one by John Stainer (pub. ?).