Souls of the Righteous T. Terius Noble possible for a small choir?
  • I LOVE this piece and was able to sing it when I was in a choir that was large enough to sing all of the parts. Now, I lead a small choir (four people, 4 parts) Has anyone ever found a version of this beautiful piece in 4 parts instead of SATB divisi? There is a quartet in the middle of the piece and I may try my hand in transcribing the rest of it, but I wanted to ask, before I dive into THAT rabbit hole.
  • Where the parts divide you could try basically omitting the lower notes, or choosing between them where necessary to make complete harmony. This may sound 'thinned out', but may work reasonably well.
  • I will see if how that sounds, THANK YOU
  • cesarfranck
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    Hinshsaw publishes an SATB version. It was edited by Hal Hopson. I do not have a copy in hand at moment, so cannot compare to original Noble composition. My choir has sung the Hopson edition several times and it was a favorite of the choir.
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    First two pages are visible here. Edition # HMC1437 should find it on Google.
  • I will check it out, however a member in the choir had a meltdown this past Sunday, so I will have to put this on the back burner, for now. It will be fine, this person was rather toxic. But it makes me sad.
  • Just looked at the piece! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!