Liturgy/music: London/environs in July
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    Going to London in July! Very excited to: go to Mass, listen to music, admire organs, look at church architecture, and generally soak in church music. Your recommendations? I don't mind travelling; since I'll be alone it can be all music/churches, all the time!

    I've got the Tournemire at Westminster list (pointed out a couple of months ago), and the Choral Evensong directory. I've heard it's possible to dash across town to catch Vespers at several different famous places, but exactly where escapes me... so if anyone knows that would be swell.

    Also, I'm hoping to pick up a copy of the Catholic Hymn Book (organ edition; used would be good), so if anyone knows where I might be able to find one, I would appreciate it very much.
  • The Catholic Hymn Book is available for purchase on Amazon
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    London Oratory (Near Harrods Stations Knightbridge / South Kensington the Victoria and Albert Museum is next door and is full of Church art plate etc.) They were involved in the production of the Hymn book and have a shop that is sometimes open.
    Music list,

    St James's, Spanish Place, (Just off Oxford Street, very near the Wallace collection well worth a visit)
    Music List

    Westminster Cathedral, Near Victoria Station
    Music List

    If you want the EF...
    St. Bede's Clapham Park (15min weak from Clapham South)
    Sat 9am and Sun 11am are Sung
    Corpus Christi Maiden Lane, (Convent Garden)
    Monday 6.30pm (should be sung)
    Our Lady of the Assumption & St Gregory, (Regent Street / Piccadilly)
    Wednesday 6.30pm (should be sung)

    Other Mass listings here,

    Great Music is also available at the Anglicans... Westminster Abbey, St. Pauls, etc.

    For Travel get a Oyster card or use contactless payment card... Some of the journeys it will be quicker to walk than use public transit.

    P.M. me if you want any further information (I live in London)
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    Christian bookshops in London are now rather rare. Two Catholic shops are & The one by Westminster Cathedral is larger, more music (though not marvellous) and good on liturgy. Also look at Church House (Anglican but broadminded), near Westminster Abbey, and CLC (Evangelical but fairly broadminded), near St Paul's Cathedral : .
  • You also need to know that early July is when some choirs (certainly the Anglican ones) start to disband for the summer months so at any of the ones that have choristers you may find Evensong sung but not by the regular choir. Worse, you may end up with the Office being said in a small chapel off to one side. It's best to check on the relevant web sites as to what's happening.
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    Good point! standard school holidays in England this year start on 15 July. So choirs which rely on trebles probably not performing after 14 July, and maybe not then.
  • It does tend to vary. Where I sing, our last regular sung service is the 7th.
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    Thank you all! I forgot to come back and check this thread (well, thinking that I'd receive the email notifications).

    Thank you for your recommendations!
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    The Tyburn Convent on Hyde Park (Marble Arch station) is well worth a visit; send a message to the nuns ahead of time for a little tour of their martyr's crypt, and pop in the church upstairs for the perpetual adoration.
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    Enjoy your trip to London!