Ash Wednesday 2019
  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    St. Davis of Wales Catholic Church, Richmond California
    Multilingual Mass, 6:30 PM

    Attende Domine (alternate en. & es. verses)
    Responsorial Psalm Miserere mei Deus, quoniam peccavi. (even vv es., odd en.)
    Laus tibi & verses en. & es.
    Let us change our rainment (solo, from Plainchant Gradual)
    Morales: Inter vestibulum
    Emendemus (solo)
    Off. Exaltabo te (solo)
    Sanctus XI
    Agnus XI
    Qui meditabitur
    ADORO TE (G. Manley Hopkins "Godhead here in hiding" alternating with "Ante ti me prostro")
    (remaining verses from Attende Dom.)

    A nearly full church, and our first year without any organ. I'm quite proud of the choir, who because of the early hour had 25' to prepare everything!
  • kevinfkevinf
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    St. Luke Palm Springs,Fl. 12:00 in Latin

    Gregorian propers:
    IN:Misereris omnium
    GR:Miserere Mei
    TRACT:Domine non secundum
    Antiphons for the imposition of ashes:
    Immutemur habitu
    Juxta vestibulum

    OF: Exaltabo te Domine
    Mass 17
    MA:Mortem tuum
    Pater Noster
    CO:Qui meditabitur

    The organ will remain silent until Laetare. Our second year to do it...and it can be done.
  • Saint Barnabas Church
    Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter
    Omaha, Nebraska

    Ash Wednesday 6 March 2019

    Sung Mass
    Saint Barnabas Academy Singers
    Ordinary: Missa ferialis (Spanish, 16th-century)
    Proper: English Gradual (Palmer)
    Motet: Lord for thy tender mercy’s sake (Farrant)
    Forty days and forty nights (Heinlein)
    The fast as taught by holy lore (Spires/Erhalt uns, Herr)

    High Mass
    Gallery Choir & Ritual Choir
    Ordinary: Missa Brevis No. 2 (Advent/Lent) (Willan)
    Proper: Plainchant Gradual (Palmer/Burgess)
    Motet: Lord for thy tender mercy’s sake (Farrant)
    Forty days and forty nights (Heinlein)
    The fast as taught by holy lore (Spires/Erhalt uns, Herr)
  • St. Mary, Pine Bluff, Wis.
    6:30 PM Solemn High Mass

    organ silent throughout

    Processional: Exaudi nos, Domine (Gregorian)
    Imposition of Ashes: Immutemur habitu, Iuxta vestibulum, Emendemus in melius (Gregorian)
    Mass Proper: Gregorian
    Ordinary: Kyrie XVI, Sanctus XVIII, Agnus XVIII
    Motet at Offertory: Exaltabo te, Domine (Croce)
    Motets at Communion: Qui meditabitur (Isaac); Domine fac mecum (di Lasso)
    Marian Antiphon: Ave Regina caelorum, simple tone
    Recessional: Parce Domine, 2vv.
  • Jeffrey Quick
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    St. Sebastian Akron, 5PM EF
    Pretty barebones program, but it was well executed (for us, anyway).
    Procession and imposition music: Gregorian
    Mass 18
    Proper: Gregorian. Psalm-toned Gradual verse and Tract, verses to Communion antiphon.
    Offertory motet: Parce Domine (Traditional Roman Hymnal 1st ed, No. 35)
    Recessional: 40 Days and 40 Nights (Heinlein/Aus der Tiefe)
  • CharlesW
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    Holy Ghost Catholic, Knoxville, TN

    A simple Ash Wednesday service.

    Entrance: Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days (St. Flavian)
    Psalm: Something utterly wretched from the WLP missalette
    Offertory: Silence
    Sanctus: Mass XVIII
    Memorial Acclamation and Amen: ICEL Chant Mass
    Agnus Dei: Mass XVIII
    Communion: Attende Domine
    Recessional: The Glory of These Forty Days (Erhalt Uns Herr)

    Organ used in accordance with GIRM. For those who object, come after me, Bro. LOL
  • Caleferink
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    I'm almost ashamed after reading some of these exquisite lineups...

    St. Mary's, Tampa (OF)

    Entrance: "This Is the Time of Fulfillment" (Chepponis) incorporating antiphon from RM
    Psalm 51: Gelineau
    Imposition of Ashes: "Merciful God" (Alonso) + "Parce Domine" w/ Ps. 51 as needed
    Offertory: "Again We Keep This Solemn Fast" (Erhalt Uns Herr)
    Sanctus: RM chant
    Mysterium Fidei: RM chant - "Save us, Savior..."
    Amen: Danish
    Agnus Dei: XVIII
    Communion: Weber proper, "Psalm 130: With the Lord There Is Mercy" (Joncas) + "Attende Domine"
    Recessional: "O Sun of Justice" (Jesu Dulcis Memoria)

    No prelude, postlude, or other solo organ/instrumental; organ used to accompany hymns and Psalms.
  • JulieCollJulieColl
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    St. Josaphat's, Bayside NY

    Outdoor Penitential Procession: Litany of the Saints
    Blessing and Imposition of Ashes: Gregorian chant propers
    Mass XVII
    Offertory: Stabat Mater (Kodaly)
    Communion: O Esca Viatorum (Isaac)
    Recessional: O Kind Creator
  • jskumro
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    Saint Benedict Catholic Church, Richmond VA
    Mass at 1:30pm with choir and cantors from Saint Benedict Catholic School (K–8)
    Mass at 7:00pm with parish choir from parish

    [No organ preludes during Lent; the Chaplet of Divine Mercy is prayed prior to weekend Masses in its place.]
    [The organ is only used to support the singing. Responses, Psalmody, Ordinary without accompaniment as much as possible/prudent. Hymns accompanied with lighter accompaniment (no reeds, upperwork, etc,) during the season.]
    [Worship program used in conjunction with Worship, Third Edition hymnal.]

    Entrance Hymn: Our Father, We Have Wandered (PASSION CHORALE)
    Entrance Antiphon from Simple English Propers, chanted by the choir
    Mass parts and dialogues chanted between priest and people as per RM
    Responsorial Psalm from CCWatershed/Noel Chabanel Psalms
    Acclamation before the Gospel from CCWatershed in honor of Father Simon LeMoyne
    During the Imposition of the Ashes:
    1. Lenten Seasonal Psalm 91: Be with Me, Lord, CCWatershed/Noel Chabanel
    2a. Children (1:30:pm): At the Cross, Her Station Keeping (STABAT MATER)
    2b. Schola (7:00pm): Stabat Mater, Tartini
    3. Lenten Seasonal Psalm 130: With the Lord there is Mercy, CCWatershed/Noel Chabanel
    4. Hear Us, Almighty Lord/Attende Domine (ATTENDE DOMINE) [Refrain sung in Latin; verses in English.]
    5. Lord, Who throughout These Forty Days (ST. FLAVIAN)
    Universal Prayer petitions chanted by the Deacon. Cantor intones the invocation. Assembly sings the response (Appendix to the Roman Missal, pg. 1442, option C.)
    Offertory Antiphon from Simple English Propers, chanted by the choir. The verses are not sung. Following the Offertory Antiphon during Lent, the Offertory proceeds in silence. The priest and assembly recite the dialogues during the Preparation of the Gifts.
    Preface Dialogue chanted from RM
    Sanctus from Mass XVII
    Mysterium Fidei: Salvator Mundi, salva nos...
    Chanted Doxology
    Chanted Pater Noster (Latin;) Embolism in English.
    Agnus Dei from Mass XVII
    Music during the Communion:
    1. Communion Antiphon from Simple English Propers, chanted by the choir.
    2. Lenten Seasonal Communion Antiphon from Simple English Propers (see GIRM #48, 2,) chanted with its psalm by the cantor and choir in alternation with the assembly.
    3. Choir (7:00pm): O Lamb of God, Richard Shephard (SJMP)
    4. Have Mercy, Lord, on Us (SOUTHWELL)
    5. O Sun of Justice (JESU DULCIS MEMORIA)
    Dismissal chanted by the Deacon; assembly responding
    Seasonal Marian Antiphon: Ave Regina Caelorum
    [No organ postludes during Lent; ministers depart in silence.]

  • Emendemus in melius... (just sharing)

    Still working on phrasing appropriately, but I'm very pleased with the overall progress of the group and the work of the cantor this year.
    Thanked by 2CHGiffen CharlesW
  • One from the polyphonic side - Miserere Mei (Lotti).

    This is the "small group" of 8 singers from the "full group". Similarly, a way yet to go, but making progress.
    Thanked by 1CHGiffen