Feedback Needed: Sunday Antiphonary
  • I have posted about this before but I have made progress/changes and I was hoping to get feedback.

    Since the last time I posted I have made one significant change. Before I was attempting to use the traditional psalm tones but in the end I decided for adapted and simplified tones for parish usability. This will also result in a more usable text and prevent the possibility of needing multiple volumes.

    This PDF contains the entire Four-Week psalter, as well as some of the antiphons for Advent. In the back is an appendix containing the psalm tones and the tone for chanting the lesson.

    In particular I am looking for feedback on the antiphon settings (things that should be changed, things that sound forced) and the psalm tones. I am experimenting with keeping a sort of incipit at the start of each tone, though adapted slightly. See the appendix for this.
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  • I posted this around Thanksgiving so some people may not have had a chance to look at it. I would really appreciate suggestions/criticism particularly of the psalm tones and the method of adapting the antiphons.

    Thank you.
  • chonakchonak
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    It does look interesting. I suppose one will simply have to sit down and sing it, to get a sense for how the adaptations work.
  • BenBen
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    Nice typesetting. Not squished, and dignified looking.

    You might consider putting the entire psalm tone after each antiphon for accessibility.

    Of the antiphons I sang through, I liked them.