What is your favorite GIA or OCP hymnal ?
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    It’s telling that blacklisted titles like “All Are Welcome” and “Sing A New Church” are all still there, these guys really do live on a different ecclesiastical planet.

    Remember, that GIA and OCP hymnals are also sold to non-Catholic parishes that have no restrictions or black lists. Secondly, the document issued by the USCCB to Diocesan Bishops back in Dec. 2020 has yet to be implemented in all diocese.
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    I think pfreese is astute in that they were probably desperate to get Haas' music out of their current offerings. Also, they have to know that the market for hymnals featuring Jesse "Sound of the '90s" Manibusan, apostate Audrey Assad, Rory Cooney, and Dan Schutte is going to shrivel and disappear within the next 10-20 years. Gotta release new hymnal editions while there are still parishes willing to pay for them!
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    We've just gotten orders to switch from GIA (Catholic Community Hymnal) to OCP Breaking Bread, so GROSSER GOTT will need an added passing note. We have also been given only 3 weeks to phase out Regina caeli ;-)
  • I know this thread dates from 2013 but since others have revived it, I may as well chime in. We are still using Gather III, 8 years on now. It's working out well enough for us, although I had to replace the accompaniment books last year already because it seems GIA has gone on the cheap with QC in the physical construct of their products. In fact the replacement landscape edition books they sent me are no longer even hardbound, though the tradeoff is that they don't sit lopsided on the music rack anymore. For comparison, my personal copy of the landscape accompaniments to the original Gather Comprehensive are still holding up great after 23 years of use.

    Favorite GIA would have to be Worship III (I have never used W2 in a parish, though I have a copy of both the pew and choir book on my shelf, and it is a fine hymnal. I also thought that Catholic Community Hymnal was a handsome and well rounded resource.

    Favorite OCP is JourneySongs, most recent edition, and honestly if the decision were solely up to me in 2013 when we moved from BB to a permanent resource, I feel that probably would have served us the best. I do see OCP has come out with a new Glory and Praise in recent years (the old blue books from the 80s were a staple of my upbringing); although I have a copy in my hymnal library, I'm sorry to say I haven't have much time to give it a purusal.