Eugene Lindusky
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    Is anyone here familiar with the work of Eugene Lindusky? He wrote some short organ works, now in OCP's organ anthologies, that are quite nice. He also did some arrangements of hymn tunes.
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    Yes, his chant-based organ works are very handy and quite accessible. He also did some very fine anthems and was a real pioneer in arranging lots of the great polyphony with English texts. There was a massive stack of them in the back of the oratory at St. Joseph's College in Indiana. He was one of the good guys, though I'm pretty sure he converted to the Episcopal Church. He died about three years ago.
  • Eugene was my half brother. He passed away over 3 years ago. He had over 300 hymns in print and was also a terrific wood craftsman, crafting an alter and pulpit in honor of my father in the Episcopal church in Corona Del Mar,CA near Newport Beach. He was a Catholic priest for 20 years, studied music in Rome and headed the Crozier seminary in Indiana. He married and became an Episcopal priest for another 20 years.
    He truly was one of the good guys and an extremely talented man.
  • His work for WLP with translating polyphonic classics into English in the mid-70's also was of significant merit and benefit for me personally.
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  • I loved his Tricinia Sacra and the metrical psalms he and Bernard Mischke wrote.
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    "lots of the great polyphony with English texts."
    Oh, yes, I have those.
    Wonderful stuff.

    "the metrical psalms he and Bernard Mischke wrote."

    Who publishes those?

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  • World Library, G.

    I love the Latin polyphony.
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    I believe Eugene grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, about two miles east of where I did. I had him for music theory and choir at St Joseph's College, Rensselaer, IN. He was one of the finest teachers and choir directors I ever had. I love his setting of the Great O Antiphons and am trying to find the arrangement. Eugene had a great sense of humor. He'd end all theory examples with the melody "Shave and a Haircut", but not play the resolution. In choir a priest got up and asked about an unknown term Lindusky had used; he spent all afternoon trying to find it in the library. "What was the term?" "Molto schmaltzando."
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    I have one single copy of Mr. Lindusky's "The Great O Antiphons" and our choir has learned it well enough to sing every year for Gaudete Sunday. It's so powerful and we love it! The piece was published by the today's Missal Choral Series. I'd love to have more copies, and do a search every year during my Advent planning, but have never found it.
  • Do share if you can, SeaShel!
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    Some of Eugene Lindusky's works are still in copyright and some are available from WLP.
    A few years ago we had to get permission from his family before sharing some of his works on the forum. If you have a scanned score you'd like to share, please contact me first so that I can check with the family about whether they would grant permission, perhaps for a small payment.
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