What did you sing/play/hear on Ash Wednesday?
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    @ everybody who commented on the Kyrie issue - This applies to the Ordinary Form only. The penitential act and the Kyrie are indeed two different things (save when a troped Kyrie is sung in lieu of the Confiteor, followed by the Misereatur). So one might reasonably argue that, when the former is ommitted, the later need (or even should) not be. But when rubrics are clear they say the ommission of the penitential act implies the ommission of the Kyrie; e.g. when the Asperges / Vidi aquam is sung, the Gloria (if sung at all) immediately follows (see appendix II of the 2002 Missale Romanum); the same goes for the Nuptial Mass (see chapter I of the Matrimony section of the Rituale Romanum, numbers 52-53). So I believe it is reasonable to assume that, when they are not clear, they mean the same.

    @ Francis - Quite so. But we don't do this very often, at least to that extent. It was rather hard, it doesn't work that well with all congregations (people who care to turn up for Ash Wednesday are different from those who attend on Sunday), and lots of stuff had to be sung by a soloist (yours truly, and it took me some time to learn everything I had to sing all alone). But all went well and it was quite effective and beautiful.
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    In our small parish in Brighton, England, we sang all the chants from the Liber Usualis for an Extraordinary Form mass on Ash Wednesday.
    We also sang Lotti's Miserere (well the first three pages of it. ) and the Byrd 4 Part Mass. We were also going to sing Morales Peccantum Me Quotidien but we ran out of time before mass to rehearse it so it was dropped. We finished mass with the Ave Regina Caelorum (simple tone)

    Recordings of all the chant from that mass (except the Communion - the camera tape had run out by then.) can be found on our choir website


    The Byrd wasn't sung so well so no recordings of that on the internet!
  • From the wilderness of SW Oklahoma: Holy Family Parish, Lawton.

    Entrance: The Glory of These Forty Days
    Psalm 51, as set by Columba Kelly & Adam Bartlett
    Tract: Psalm 102, Domine Non Secundum, Aristotle Esguerra
    Imposition: Attende Domine//Dust & Ashes, Haas (for the LAST time!)//Parce Domine
    Offertory: Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days
    Mass Setting: People's Mass, Vermulst
    Communion and Dismissal: Silence
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    Winchester Cathedral, UK:

    Byrd: Mass for five voices
    Allegri: Miserere