Job Opening - Batavia, IL
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    I am posting this, not as a person in charge (because I'm not), but as a concerned parishioner. Our parish, Holy Cross in Batavia, IL (, has built a Catholic school, the first school to be built in our diocese in some 30 or so years. the school is set to open this Fall and enrollment is going quite well.

    We are currently in the process of interviewing and hiring teachers to teach at the school. As music director at the church, I have a vested interest in hiring an orthodox and qualified music teacher at the school. This person, in my opinion (as I do not hire or interview candidates) should:
    - Be an orthodox Catholic
    - Teach music literacy through Ward or Kodaly
    - Teach students Latin chants and hymns
    - Be able to plan (good!) music for school Masses

    This position is not full time, but for someone wanting a full-time job, here is some important information:
    - I (as music director) could use an additional organist at the church for weekend Masses with cantors and choirs (compensation is good)
    - As a western suburb of Chicago, we are experiencing huge population growth. You could easily fill time by teaching organ, piano, voice, instrument lessons. Use of the church facilities may be used to teach these lessons.
    - If you are an instrumentalist, there has been much interest in starting a band/orchestra. This would be a stipend position, I would imagine.
    - There are plans to expand the school if enrollment allows, the position may become full time in the future.

    This could become something WONDERFUL for the right person. A lot of flexibility with an opportunity to do some Catholic music.

    If you want more information, please let me know (jonmclear (at) gmail (dot) com) and I'll try to answer any questions I can or I'll get you in contact with the appropriate person.
    If you want to apply, please contact the principal, Mrs. Melissa Crisci, at (630) 879-4750.

    Please feel free to link or repost this on other blogs/sites. Let's get the word out and give these kids a quality Catholic music education.
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    This sounds wonderful, I hope you've found the right person. I may have been interested but I don't know Ward or Kodaly but have plenty of voice-teaching and professional conducting experience, both from my Chicago days and now in the UK. (however I'm not an organist). Square peg, round hole perhaps.
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    We wish you the best of luck...looking for the same sort of teacher for our k-8 school here in Knoxville, TN, across our desk we have seen but one application from an instrumentalist who is just now graduating from college....though we have posted the opening here and in a number of other places on the Net.

    noel at

    There are a tremendous number of people moving down here from "up north" as well as up from this mid-South area is picking up more and more Catholics all the time....