Psalms for Holy Thursdsy Mandatum antiphons
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    Does anyone have, or have a source fof psalms to go with the antiphons for the Holy Thursday
    foot washing. Perhaps such a thing did not exist.
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    The antiphons in the Vatican Edition have one verse (mostly) from a psalm (47, 84, and 118, LXX numbering) or Scriptural text. Some don’t have any verses, some are taken from the Gospel of the Mass, and one antiphon has a verse from 1 Cor 13.

    I presume that the rite was historically just long enough to require the antiphons but not long enough to require (full) psalms for all of them; they are traditionally sung antiphon-verse-antiphon, and the Ubi Caritas is much longer than the others as it is.
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    Burgess & Palmer gives the Englished verses. On my immediate to-do list is proofreading my Spanish-mandatum edition.
  • The Graduale Simplex gives only one antiphon (Mandatum novum) but gives the following verses of Psalm 119 (118) to be sung between repetitions of the antiphon: 1, 15, 32, 40, 45, 47, 97, 103, 105, 129.
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    The 1970 Ordo Cantus Missae does not indicate Psalm verses (so you might use the verses as given in the Simplex, listed in the previous comment), but it does specify that psalms are not to be sung with the following antiphons:
    - Postquam surrexit Dominus
    - Dominus Iesus
    - Si ego Dominus et Magister
    - Mandatum novum do vobis
  • It is relatively easy to find the psalm verses in the 1955 Restored Holy Week in the Roman Missal/ 1962 Missal.

    I think that adding psalm verses to the antiphons to cover the footwashing would be preferable to texts with a Ghanaian traditional melody, and some other things from 55 years ago.
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    Odd. When I wrote my comment, I wasn't able to pull up the new books, OCM or GR1974. Mandatum novum do vobis, Postquam surrexit Dominus, Dominus Iesus, and Si ego Dominus et Magister all have psalms attached in the Vatican Edition slash the Solesmes editions (no need to go to the 1955 "restored" Holy Week; they were already in this form…).

    This is also made more complicated by the shifting around of the day's propers: the Ubi Caritas no longer gets its time to shine in its historical position. Anyway, it's very funny to me that psalmody (one verse is still psalmody!) was attached to an antiphon instead of calling things without psalms antiphons as is often the case in the historical Roman rite, only for it to be jettisoned in the Novus Ordo, reversing the trend of officializing using psalmody (e.g. 1955 inserted for the first time customary psalmody which was not in the editio typica for Holy Week issued in the 1920s, probably on the model of the Lumen gentium at Candlemas which is virtually an identical ritual)
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  • The Ubi Caritas is given a shining place of honor accompanying the procession of gifts and alms for the needy, which is to have been a primary focus throughout the Lenten season. That this seems to be neglected almost everywhere is a very sad thing.
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    procession of gifts and alms for the needy, which is to have been a primary focus throughout the Lenten season. my emphasis
    Interesting, references please, even if indirect and unofficial.
  • MR 14. (Thursday of the Lord's Supper) At the beginning of the Liturgy of the Eucharist, there may be a procession of the faithful in which gifts for the poor may be presented with the bread and wine.
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    If you are still looking for Psalms during the feet washing,check out Source and Summit. They have 6 Antiphons for the foot washing, most with psalm verses. They are also offering a free trial for 30 days to help musicians through Holy Week
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