Looking for an Easter/Sacred Heart/Divine Mercy hymn
  • I am looking for an English hymn to use on Low Sunday. I want an Easter hymn for use in a normal OF Sunday mass (as opposed to a special 3pm Divine Mercy mass), but which has a nod to Divine Mercy. I've looked at Sacred Heart hymns (as well as a few explicitly Divine Mercy hymns, but there aren't many of those), but most of them are not particularly Easter-y, and most Easter hymns are not particularly Sacred Heart-y.

    The closest I could find was All Ye who Seek a Comfort Sure , but it's not a great match. There are also a couple of good verses in summi parentis filio and auctor beate saeculi. Does anyone know of any hymns that would work here?

    (Since I couldn't find any, I had a go at writing my own:
  • I always think “The Day of Resurrection” is a good fit, particularly for the third verse: “His love is everlasting; his mercies never cease. The resurrected Savior will all our joys increase.”

    “That Easter Day with Joy was Bright” is also a good one for that Sunday, particularly the verse that goes: “O Jesus, King of gentleness, with constant love our hearts possess…”
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    O Filii et Filiae matches the gospel of the day, recounting the mercy shown by Christ to Doubting Thomas
  • Thanks for the suggestions CatholicZ09, both look pretty good. My hymn book doesn't have the third verse of "The Day of Resurrection", so that's also a great find.

    GerardH, O Filii et Filiae is an excellent match for the Gospel. I was actually planning on singing it this year (I also had "Godhead here in hiding" as another good match for the gospel).
  • I would start here: Hymn Portal and search for 'Easter'

    I have also found 'Cantica Nova' to be excellent