Low Sunday/Divine Mercy hymn text
  • I went looking for a hymn suitable for a morning mass on Divine Mercy Sunday. That is, one which is at face value about Easter, but which emphasises God's mercy, or the Sacred Heart, or something similar. I failed to find one, so I decided to write my own. I would welcome any criticism.

    I initially decided to replace the verses for the hymn By Thy Kingly Power, O Risen Lord (Richard Connolly and James McAuley), which are 7878 and ABCB, but I believe that might still be under copyright and therefore I'll have to find another tune. Here are the lyrics:

    By Thy Kingly power O risen Lord
    All that Adam lost is now restored
    In Thy resurrection be adored

    Vs 1
    Thou hast conquered sin and death
    Ransomed us with Thine own Passion
    Blood and water from Thy heart
    Summoned forth the world's redemption

    Vs 2
    Thou art Christ, Salvation's key,
    Hope of sinners all unworthy
    Jesus, help us trust in Thee %may we
    Confident in Thy great mercy

    Vs 3
    Glory to my Lord and God,
    Holy, Mighty, and Immortal!
    Glory to the Three in One!
    Alleluia! Lord eternal!

    My main idea was to incorporate aspects of the Easter season, the Apostle Thomas from the day's Gospel, and the chaplet of Divine Mercy. Thus, each verse contained the following ideas:
    Vs 1: Christ's passion, our redemption, blood and water
    Vs 2: "Happy are those who do not see, yet still believe" and "Jesus, I trust in You"
    Vs 3: Thomas' exclamation "My Lord and my God" and the Trisagion"
    I like my plan, but I'm not sure I've fully captured it in the text, and many of the rhymes are not perfect.
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