• A composition concerning death and accepting full unity with Christ.
    Link: https://youtu.be/KDEyjGIcWOU
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    I saw the title of this thread and wondered immediately, "Who is the soprano in need of prayer?"
  • CharlesW
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    Actually, about half of them. But those altos often need an exorcism.
  • “Lord have mercy on me, a singer.“
  • Lol Ah... just the comments I was expecting! Well alright.
  • Alex,

    The ostinato is a feature of several of your compositions. ( I try to avoid that sort of thing, myself, so it really stands out to me).

    It's a very striking piece, but I think I would need to listen to it multiple times to understand it properly.

    One other comment: do you intend this for college concert choir performance (or solo recital, for that matter) or in some other setting?

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    Yeah, that was my question, too. What is your intended audience for this piece?
  • m. 27-29, I have one question: what soprano hurt you? That two-measure stretch is brutal! From B4 to F#5. That I would change.
  • I'm not sure about the effect created by the continuous parallel 4ths in the RH. It seems quite unsettling, which does not seem to fit with the text of the piece.
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  • @LauraKaz, I actually find the constant parallel fourths to be very beautiful. It is reminiscent of church bells to my ears. @CharlesW, I intend the audience to be those attending a solo recital or a concert of various performers singing various art songs.
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    I like this piece. Is the recording electronically generated? If so, I find the piano playing relentless and unattractive (rather spoiling the listen for me); if not, I apologize! I don't think it's at all difficult for a good singer. It's definitely for a mezzo, though. Thank you!
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    It’s an interesting piece. I think if you found a way to employ mirroring movement in the RH it would be much more interesting. Eg. d,r,m,d,r,m,m,r,d,m,r,d. It would be more wave like especially if varried as it progressed.