Picking an Anglican Ordinariate parish to visit
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    We've been studying the various options for using chant, both vernacular and Latin, in the OF. Visiting an Anglican Ordinariate parish for Sunday Mass seems like a fruitful option for obtaining additional insight in this area. We're located in the western United States; does anyone have suggestions for the top options (musically speaking) for a parish to visit?
  • I suggest that you define Western United States a little more narrowly, unless you want everything from Texas to Hawaii.

  • irishtenoririshtenor
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    St Barnabas in Omaha
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    I was going to suggest 'St Barnabas, but Irish beat me to it. it may be nearest to you.
    I don't know how far 'west' you really are - Walsingham may be an option.
    Sometimes, usually on more important days we do P-B, most of the time AUG. Sometimes the P-B gradual is sung, most of the time the psalm to Anglican chant. The solemn high mass is at 11.15. Though most of the Sunday morning masses have gotten to be more or less 'high'. The 8.00am mass is sung and features a Latin Gregorian ordinary sung lustiily by the congregation creed and all, and Latin propers sung by a cantor.
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    Utah's the point of departure. I believe that makes the parish in Payson, Arizona geographically closest, but could be unaware of a parish or misjudging a distance.
  • It's not so much a question of distance between Utah and Arizona. There's a giant hole in the ground in the way.
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    Flying is an option.
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    I'm not familiar with all of the cities named in the list of Ordinariate parishes, so I might be missing something. Barring that, Holy Nativity (Payson, AZ) would be closest followed by Saint Barnabas (Omaha, NE). Is anyone familiar with Holy Nativity?
  • Ok. Since you can fly, Arizona is closer, but you may be required to wear a mask (and prove you're fully vaccinated against something, probably no longer COVID 19).
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    St Barnabas gives details of its musical approach, I haven't found anything about Holy Nativity.
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    Glad you can pick an ordinariate parish to visit. Must be nice. They are as scarce as Democrats in my neck of the woods.
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    I get the impression St. Barnabas is represented on this board as well -- probably a good sign :-)