Mozarabic Lamentations
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    Here is, hopefully, but probably for some more academic members of the forum, a useful scan of a fairly rare Spanish publication from the 1930s of an edition of Mozarabic Lamentations from four Spanish sources: León, Toledo and the monasteries in Silos and El Escorial. These scans were made some years back for another forum member, Hugh Henry in Australia, who was looking for more Mozarabic Lamentations, at the time, other than the single Silos melody published in early editions of the LU. The melodies from Silos are the certainly the most popular and one version has been published in many early editions of the LU (see, for example, page 721 of a 1935 edition of the LU - alter tonus ad libitum of the third Lamentation in Sabbato Sancto in the first Nocturn). Hugh Henry has made more practical editions of these melodies for soloists and given links to download his (most laudible and considerable) work in an earlier thread. See:

  • Just in time for Tenebrae!

    I was never able to find the Silos melody, although I had transcribed it into my Liber a number of years ago. I didn't realize it was Mozarabic - was never able to really find information about it at the time. Thanks for clarifying the mystery, and for these attachments which I very much look forward to reviewing!
  • I want to thank you for the resource for lessons, particularly the Mozarabic tones - this is very helpful and I am looking forward to trying several of these out this year. However, in preparing Holy Thursday lesson 5 (from the linked thread), I notice that there is a mistake. The dominant is on a LA, but the correct tone should be DO. The corresponding terminations are dramatically different step-wise with the dominant in the wrong place! Still very useful - thank you!
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    Thanks, Inc:

    Just checking re. Holy Thursday Lesson 5: bear in mind I'm applying the Ancient Tone (la sol fa la &c) for all the 4-9 lessons, not the Solemn Tone (do ti la do &c). (Either is acceptable. I hope to set the lessons to the Solemn Tone when I get some time.) In my Liber, the paradigm for the Ancient Tone is set out on p.p. 121-2.

    I may be misunderstanding something here, though - please reply if that's the case.

    Blessings for the Triduum.

  • My fault, Hugh! You are quite right - I simply was thinking of it as the Solemn Tone. Thanks for the clarification!!
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    This is interesting material for those who sing the Spanish Mozarabic/Silos Abbey Lamentations in the coming Holy Week. Not readily accessible to non University scholars and interested lay persons. The article was published in 1930. Hope the link works. Interesting point: These lamentations date from ca. C12th
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    Thank you, all of this is great. I had no idea it existed. I regard Toledo, Spain as my spiritual home and have been there no less than 11 times, to perform in concert and for pleasure alike. I will never forget attending the Mozarabic Rite on Sunday morning in the cathedral for the first time.