That tricky fourth mode
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    I was struggling a bit with tomorrow's EF Communion antiphon, Acceptabis sacrificium, but this video explanation by Fr. Peter Funk of the Chicago Benedictines helped a great deal.

    It's fascinating to me that Fr. Johner in his book The Chants of the Vatican Graduale says this antiphon calls for a "lively and joyful" presentation whereas the fourth mode at first glance seems mournful and downcast. After some practice, however, one can begin to glimpse the possibilities for joy in this antiphon---similar to the same way someone climbing a steep trail begins to see glimpses of new and beautiful vistas as he/she struggles up the mountain.

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    Yes, the 3rd and 4th modes are in my view the most difficult.
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    They really are different from the other modes. I tried singing this to myself about five times today, and it sounded so weird I had to look up a recording and was surprised to see that I had been singing it correctly. I don't remember this antiphon from last year, although I remember the other propers for tomorrow.
  • Although this chant is categorized as mode 4 in the Graduale due to its final, it is predominately mode 1 and as such is more congenial to modern ears than typical mode 4 chants. It is on the more elaborate end of the spectrum for Communion antiphons.
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    Yes, it is quite unusual for a Communio, but it's really lovely, esp. with the verses. I just can't get enough of the EF Communion antiphons. I look forward to them every week.

    I'm still in the clouds after singing today's propers. I don't know if it's just me, but they were more compelling and fulfilling than usual. Maybe it was the Ad te levavi which was a nice reminder of Advent? At any rate, they were an esp. sweet consolation, an oasis of serenity.
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  • When I was preparing this Communio, I had to keep telling myself "this is not rorate coeli, this is not rorate coeli...". The leap of a fifth and the flat sign where it is was impelling me to go up rather than down!

    However, this week, it was not the Communio that was stressful, but the transition between the mode 1 Gradual and the mode 7 Alleluia. I always seem to need to flick the on-off switch on the back of my head to do a hard reset of my brain when transitioning to mode 7 - even though the opening here is a major arpeggio!
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