Discussion of CMAA at NPM 2015
  • Richard R.
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    A little pristine. Like the original, it needs to be re-recorded a half-step down (thus slightly slower), to give it that acid-y effect.
  • How about the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Lacrosse, WI. It is beautiful, and maybe Cardinal Burke would come and preside over an EF Mass since he founded the shrine.
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  • ClergetKubiszClergetKubisz
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    Chant sung lifelessly is dull music.

    Chant sung by people who know what they are doing is INVIGORATING.

    Young people everywhere agree.

    Yeah. Stimson and I improvised some great organum at the EF at St. Patrick's in Kokomo this weekend. It was very inspiring.
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  • mahrt
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    I would love to see a colloquium in San Francisco, or San Diego, for that matter, or how about Portland?

    The issue is to find a location that has everything a colloquium needs within a reasonable distance: a beautiful church with an excellent organ and a pastor who is favorable to our intensive use of the church for a week (the cathedral in Pittsburgh was very welcoming); inexpensive dormitory rooms for student members, a hotel within reasonable distance for faculty and those who have graduated from dormitory facilities. Enough rehearsal rooms for four polyphonic choirs, seven chant choirs, and at least eight breakout sessions; facilities for common meals, at least one formal dinner. All of this within reason to keep costs down for as many as can come. We did not go back to Indianapolis, because the hotel where we worked in 2014 raised the prices more than we wanted to afford. Janet Gorbitz has done a magnificent job in finding and arranging facilities. Let's give her a hip-hip-hip-hooray!
  • MatthewRoth
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    The fun was at the hotel, but I did appreciate the inexpensive dorm rooms... Indeed. Three cheers for Janet!