Feast of the sacred heart
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    Hi everyone,

    At my parish every year we hold a feast of the sacred heart mass. This year i'm looking for sacred heart based texts that I could fit with a common hymn tune.

    Or if you have music suggestions for this mass, I would love to hear them!

    Please let me know if there is anything out there for music on this feast day. I will be making a booklet up for the mass so I can even put text in there with no music, if need be.

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    The "First Friday Club" of the DIocese of Fall River will celebrate its 65th anniversary on the Feast of the Sacred Heart, June 7, with a special Mass celebrated by Bishop George Coleman at St. Mary's Cathedral, Fall River. All Sacred Heart hymns will be used. Here is the program:

    Entrance: O Sacred Heart, O Love Divine
    Offertory: Heart of Jesus, May Thy Reign (Singenberger melody)
    Communion: Heart of Jesus, Hear
    Recessional: To Jesus, Heart All Burning

    If you want any of this music, let me know; and I will be glad to post it.
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  • The Worship IV hymnal has three hymns for the Sacred Heart:

    1. Tell the Gospel's Boundless Riches, #558, 8 7 8 7 D
    2. O Christ, Your Heart Compassionate, #559, CMD
    3. To Christ, the Prince of Peace, #560, SM
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    Please send me any info you can on those hymns that you will be using. I'd like to take a look at all of them.

    Thank You.
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    In the St. Michael hymnal, there's a hymn entitled "Heart of Christ" which is put to the Stuttgart tune (Come Thou Long-Expected Jesus). Words are:

    Heart of Christ, we sing thy praises,
    Well-spring of eternal life!
    Through the sorrows of thy passion,
    We find refuge from our strife.

    Heart of Christ, thou dost embody
    All the wonder of God's love!
    Thou dost tell the tender mercies
    Showered from our God above!

    Heart of Christ, who bringest healing,
    To the lowly and the weak!
    Let us know thy loving-kindness;
    Show thyself to all who seek!
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    Well, that fails one of my litmus tests for any hymn (any poem, really), which is not to rhyme "life" with "strife."
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    [Oops, double post. (I thought the forum software prevented those?)]
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    your criticism cuts like a knife
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    Well hey, he asked for Sacred Heart hymns. I'm just tryin' to provide. ;) Even though I know it's not the pinnacle of poetry.
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    All You Who Seek a Comfort Sure -- the St. Michael Hymnal has it set to Kingsfold (I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say)

    All you who seek a comfort sure
    In trouble and distress,
    Whatever sorrow vex the mind,
    Or guilt the soul oppress,
    Jesus, who gave himself for you
    Upon the Cross to die,
    Open to you his Sacred Heart;
    Oh, to that Heart draw nigh.

    You hear how kindly he invites;
    You hear his words so blest:
    "All you that labor come to me,
    And I will give you rest."
    Christ Jesus, joy of saints on high,
    The hope of sinners here,
    Attracted by those loving words
    To you we lift our prayer.
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    Any of the hymns in Worship III from 605-608 would work, and 610. 612 if they know the tune already. Everyone can sing 607.

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    Fr. Caswall's text, posted by Caleferink, is a fine example of how some texts do not fit some tunes.

    I can't believe that when Fr. Caswall penned his translation it was paired with KINGSFOLD. Perhaps it was, but if so, it was a bad fit from the beginning.

    I wrote under the "Fertilizing" heading that some texts substitute a trochee for the iamb which begins certain lines. Fr. Caswall's text seems to have this feature at the beginning of lines 1, 3, 5, 7. I'm trying to find a tune listed as "CMD" which fits this variation. I have not found one. ST. AGNES is a CM tune (not doubled) which would work, but of course it would have to be sung twice for each stanza.
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    There are many melodies for this hymn that have appeared in various hymnals over the years even to the present day. Personally, I like the Tozer melody.

    Father Caswall, like Father Faber, composed the words to many hymns; but it's doubtful the he personally set the words to music.
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    The Adoremus Hymnal gives Caswall's text (altered) with the tune ST. BERNARD (CM), dividing the two stanzas into four

    All you who seek a comfort sure
    In sadness and distress,
    Whatever sorrow burdens you,
    Whatever griefs oppress,

    Jesus, who gave himself for you
    Upon the cross to die,
    Unfolds to you his Sacred Heard:
    O to that Heart draw nigh.

    Now hear him as he speaks to us
    Those words for ever blest:
    "All you who labor, come to me,
    And I will give you rest."

    I Heart adored by saints on high,
    And hope of sinners here,
    We place our humble trust in you
    And lift to you our prayer.
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    We were just talking about Tallis's third tune.
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    I am attaching the music for the four Sacred Heart hymns you requested last week: (1) O Sacred Heart, O Love Divine; (2) Heart of Jesus, May Thy Reign; (3) Heart of Jesus, Hear; (4) To Jesus, Heart All Burning. In addition, I included the Tozer melody for "All Ye Who Seek a Comfort Sure," which was mentioned in last week's discussion.
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    Thanks for those old chestnuts, oldhymns! They bring back a lot of nice memories. There's a girls' choir here on Long Island that likes to sing these.

    In case anyone needs Latin motets for the Sacred Heart, Michael Haller's Discite a me might do very well. It's SATB, short and fairly straightforward and quite lovely. I obtained this from Abel di Marco's website on CPDL, but it doesn't seem to be available anymore so I'll attach it here.

    Victoria's Jesu Dulcis Memoria might be a good choice as well. On the Windsor Latin Mass website I see they have O sacrum cor Jesu by Schweitzer listed. I don't know this one well, but happen to have the music so I'll attach it, too.
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    In its index, the Adoremus Hymnal lists Love Divine, All Loves Excelling under the category "Sacred Heart." However, when I read the text, the word "heart" seems to refers to us ("Enter every trembling heart"). I guess I never thought of the verses of this hymn as referring to the Sacred Heart (although perhaps it is insofar as He is Love?).

    I might be missing the broader concept for how it's a good fit. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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    Well, the Sacred Heart is (among other things) a sign of the divine (and human) love of Christ for us. So, yes, the hymn isn't about His Heart, but about the love of His Heart for us. It's not the most explicit connection between a hymn and a mystery, but it's some connection.