Revised: Ave Maria a 3 (Charles H. Giffen), SAB, SST, TTB
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    In an earlier thread, I posted a 3-part setting of Ave Maria. This weekend, I finished revising this piece, making it (I think) a better work. The new SAB score has just been published at CPDL, but for convenience of readers of this forum, I am attaching the PDF score and a 112kb/s MP3 sound file of this motet (the MP3 at CPDL is recorded at 160kb/s).

    Comparison with the original edition shows that: (1) the note values have been halved; (2) the text underlay has been significantly improved; (3) the Medius (Alto) part has two notes altered by a half-step (indicated as musica ficta in the score); and (4) the same part has two cadences that have been turned into 4-3 suspensions.

    If anyone is interested, there are also available three MP3 sound files with individual parts emphasized, one each for the Soprano, Alto, and Bass parts.

    I have also made two transpositions, one for SAT (up a minor third) and one for ATB (down a minor third), which I shall publish in due course.

    Chuck Giffen
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    Dangit, Chuck. Now I have to relearn it. :)

    Really though, this is the first polyphonic piece I learned, and I really enjoyed it, and I like your revision even more. Good work, as always. I think putting into 4/4 and 3/4 is a good idea for readability.

    I would love the sound files, as I may use this in the future with others.
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    Sorry about that, Ben, but I'm glad you do like the revision more. Thanks for the good words.

    Since you asked, and I know of at least one more person that would like the part-emphasized sound files, I'm attaching them herewith.

    Note: (2:00am CDT, April 23) ... I mistakenly uploaded part-emphasized sound files for the original setting. These have now been replaced by the correct sound files for the revised setting. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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    Thank you. This is a beautiful piece.
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    Wow, lovely. Will use this for crowning ritual in May.
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    So beautiful!
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    SSA transposition

    Here are the PDF score and MP3 sound files for Ave Maria a 3, transposed up a perfect fifth for SSA voices.
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    Simply enchanting, Mr. Giffen. Thank you! We'll work this up for the month of May.
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    And here are the PDF score and MP3 sound files for Ave Maria a 3, transposed down a perfect fourth for TTB voices.