Palmer Burgess Wedding/ Help!
  • Anybody know what page the MISSA PRO SPONSO et SPONSA is found on in Palmer Burgess?

    thanks !
  • WGS
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    I don't know if this is what you're looking for but, I have a copy of "The English Gradual" - "Part II. The Proper" edited by Francis Burgess.

    On pages 209-216, there is an Appendix which has propers for among other occasions: "At a Marriage".

    By the way, they are psalm tone settings.
  • Unfortunately the Palmer-Burgess Plainchant Gradual has no index or table of contents. It also does not have the nuptial propers under a single heading. What one has to do very often is to look up the propers in the Graduale Romanum and then page through the Palmer-Burgess to find the appropriate one. I am working on this badly needed index but am some time off from completing it.

    As WGS has noted above, there is a psalm tone version of these in The English Gradual, which is not the same book as The Plainchant Gradual, which contains Englished versions of the Gregorian originals.

    Note also, the Introit, Deus in loco sancto, the Offertory, Immittet Angelus, and the Communion, Primum quaerite, are in The Plainchant Gradual under various other ocassions, but the Gradual, Uxor tua, and the Alleluya, Mittat vobis, are not. I have made my own English adaptations of these last two.

    If you wish, I can mail you a copy of the nuptial propers in English which I have compiled, using the Palmer-Burgess and my own where needed. This includes a choice between the Gregorian Gradual or the Responsorial Psalm set by me to tone III with a very simple congregational respond.

    I have also compiled the nuptial propers set to Anglican chant, if this would be of interest to anyone.
  • thanks for all the help !

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    I too have muttered mild curses flipping through B-P looking for OF items and thought of making an index. MJO and others, would you be up for a collaboration, perhaps as a publication page on CPDL?

    I've just created this table, to see what criteria we might wish to search by.