Spritual reflections for hard working singers
  • gregpgregp
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    I wonder if anyone has a link to some reflections for those of us who work very hard at doing our absolute best, especially during a musically difficult week such as this one, and have very little time to think, pray, and meditate during Mass, because we are singing, practicing, watching for cues, worrying about when the priest is going to start the prayer, and even more especially (as directors/conductors) whether the singers will remember to watch in that one section, will they singer that interval correctly, will the Basses come in too soon, etc.,etc.

    And all that time we are, most properly, trying our best for the Lord and the Masses we sing at, we have almost no time for our own souls and their development. Any thoughts, or links to people who might have written wisely on this subject?
  • bonniebede
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    Just a thought. We spend a lot of time trying to convince people that 'active participation' can mean stillness, silence, interiority, not just singing reading etc., that maybe we forget that being active in the normal sense, i.e. actually doing something like singing in the choir is also participation? I try to offer up the fact that I must pay attention to details of the job at hand to God, and trust he understands what's going on.
    Its funny I've found that although I feel like I have less interiority and time for personal prayer, though few moments which I do catch are so much more intense then when I'm sitting in the pew, with a tendency to review shopping lists or some on the pleasant distraction.
  • Awake, my soul, stretch every nerve,
    And press with vigor on;
    A heavenly race demands thy zeal,
    And an immortal crown.

    A cloud of witnesses around
    Hold thee in full survey;
    Forget the steps already trod,
    And onward urge thy way.

    ’Tis God’s all animating voice
    That calls thee from on high;
    ’Tis His own hand presents the prize
    To thine aspiring eye.

    Then wake, my soul, stretch every nerve,
    And press with vigor on,
    A heavenly race demands thy zeal,
    And an immortal crown.