Corpus Christi sequence
  • Not a very seasonal question to put in Advent, I know, but what, if anything, do readers of this Forum use for the Corpus Christi sequence in the OF? I am not inclined (yet) to do the Latin or English plainsong version, but, because of the extra lines in the later stanzas, the congregation singing it to some well-known hymn tune isn't an option. Does anyone know of an English version of the words which is of regular stanza length throughout, or have any bright ideas on the topic?
  • Alan Hommerding wrote a fine eight-stanza metrical version of the Corpus Christi sequence entitled "Praise, O Zion, Voices Raising." It is in the most recent "We Celebrate" hymnal published by World Library Publications at #651. The meter is 8 7 8 7 8 7, and it is set to the tune ST. THOMAS (Wade).

    The same text is also found in the hymnal, Worship, Fourth Edition, published by GIA Publications, at #1106. The tune used there is PANGE LINGUA GLORIOSI.

    The use of the sequence on Corpus Christi is optional. But if used, the Lectionary states that a shorter form may be sung, which would correspond to stanzas seven and eight of Hommerding's setting.
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    Ah, the Corpus Christi sequence. That was the cause of me purchasing my Graduale Romaum when I was in High School, and asking a very old priest friend how to read 4-line notation.
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  • Very Bread by Randolph Currie is a nice abridged choral version of the sequence. With my choir, I've also used an English translation which I set to the original chant melody. Never sung it as a sequence during Mass, but have used it as a prelude, comunion anthem and CC processional music
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    Catholic Book of Worship III has a metric version, words only no music, which can be sung to several tunes. I think PICARDY fits it best.
  • All comments useful and interesting. Many thanks.