Need someone to record songs
  • aldrich
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    Can someone record the last two songs in the following .pdf (pp. 5-8)? I happen to need a recording of these two translations and I am not a good singer, so here I am begging for some assistance.

    God bless!
  • Maureen
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    1. Oh, so you just want someone to sing the English and Latin songs at the back? Phew. I thought you wanted somebody to sing the other ones, and I was pretty sure most of us weren't qualified. Are the other songs Tagalog or is that a really bad guess?
  • JDE
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    Good guess, Maureen, based on the "Civitate Cebuae," which I reckon refers to the city of Cebu.

    Who did the modern notation? There are a lot of spelling errors (for instance, notes spelled as e-flat where d-sharp is more appropriate).

    Let me know if you don't get anyone to record these and I can probably knock them out tomorrow afternoon (Sunday, 8 January).
  • aldrich
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    The first one is Cebuano, the second one is Tagalog. As for the musical spelling, I have no idea which one (Eb or D#)is more appropriate. I just copied notation from a free transcription.
  • francisfrancis
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    D# (represents the third of V of V in A minor)
  • aldrich
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    I'm renewing my request for a recording of the songs abovementioned. Please help. Thanks.