Altar cards for Gloria and Dismissal incipits? Help, please
  • My pastor would like to have altar cards the size of business cards that are decorated and contain the incipits for the Gloria and Dismissal/Benedicamus Domino. I am not a graphic artist, and haven't been able to make good enough cards. Can anyone help me with this headache?

    Masses needed are: I, II, IV, VII, IX, XI, XV, XVII...

    I'm happy to pay good money for these cards. Thanks, all!
  • Paul_D
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    Why not use one of those nice little Kyriales from Solesmes? Quite tastefully bound, i.e. understated, like a good liturgical book. Can be held by the priest or a server. Is there some reason it has to be a card?
  • JonathanKKJonathanKK
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    How does this sound:
    Use Gregorio to typeset the incipits, and put them onto uniformly sized cards in Word. Print out on cardstock, or something durable (laminate?).
    Make something frame-like (suitably decorated) with slots to take three or four cards for the Asperges/Vidi Aquam, Gloria, Credo, and Ite.
    Then you could have any combination, and set them in advance, like the numbers on a hymn-board.
  • Mark M.Mark M.
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    Here's a simple thing I put together (just cutting-and-pasting from the GR, pretty much). Would something like this work? It's not particularly fancy. Mass VII might need to be tweaked a bit. They're sized for business cards, and it includes the Masses you indicated. (The second page shows the reverse of each card.) They could be printed on cardstock and laminated, I figure.

    EDIT: File deleted (but see replacement files, four posts down).
  • I made them by hand (red lines, black neumes) for our parochial vicar for all EF Masses that he might sing in his lifetime, but on larger card stock. (Received my "training" in copying chant from Dr. Marier at CUA.) Will have to experiment with Gregorio et al sometime.
  • GavinGavin
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    Mark M: on your second page, you will want to flip the titles by the vertical axis:

    II, I
    VII, IV

    This will make it print correctly.
  • Thanks, everyone! From all these contributions I will have what I need.
    Pentecost blessings!
  • Mark M.Mark M.
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    Thanks, Gavin, for your suggestion there. (I realized the same thing, shortly after I posted them!)

    MaryAnn, please see the corrected and somewhat "cleaned up" versions attached. One has borders, and the other one is borderless. Either one should print well on cardstock, or on Avery labels (#5371, 5372, 5376, or 5377 -- all are business card sizes, 3.5 x 2 inches).

    I'd be happy to amend them further if you want.
  • magistra6
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    Thanks! I think my pastor will like these, too, although he doesn't need them all -- yet!