lauds - an easy English version?
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    I am holding a choir "retreat" or day of reflection. I would like to begin with lauds or morning prayer. I would also like to make it as simple as possible. I am quite sure that my choir members do not participate in daily morning prayer. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm thinking something in the line of: Abridged Lauds for neophytes in the vernacular.
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    The Mundelein Psalter has morning and evening prayer for every day pointed with very simple psalm tones.
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    You could create something like this.

    edit: Musically speaking, this is almost exactly what you'd find in the mundelin psalter, but it's formatted as a worship aid/leaflet, not a book (and there's no $50 charge for each one :)
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    For a one-off, informal occasion like a retreat, and you are pressed for time, just borrow your pastor's brieviary and make a copy of the office. Paste in a familiar hymn. Point the psalms, responsory and Benedictus to tones that would be most familiar to the choir from Sunday responsorial psalms. If you want to sing the psalms side to side, be sure to have at least one "plant" on each side that you have rehearsed with. Or you could sing the psalm verses alternating between cantor and all (with a good cantor who can set a good example and keep things moving.) You will have to paste in and point the opening sentence, and the intercessions if you want to sing them, though you can chant these one one note or even speak these to keep it simple. Unless your choristers are used to singing the Our Father (not so common in Canada) you might want to say it or chant it on one note ("rectotonally" - it's not such a bad thing, really.)
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    Unless your choristers are used to singing the Our Father (not so common in Canada)

    You would be very impressed at how well we sing the Our Father! I will ask for a photocopy of that portion of the breviary. Thanks for the suggestions.