Missa Solemnis, Gloria : by Koerber : (free to all)
  • tomboysuzetomboysuze
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    Very nice. Wish i could do it. Thanks so much for your generosity Francis. Love your work. Mystical, beautiful, wonderful.
  • Leaves both hands of the organist free to conduct? Ingenious!
  • Ben YankeBen Yanke
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    Only pedals, no manuals? Very interesting idea.

    It sounds great.
  • francisfrancis
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    i compose a cappella choral music with an accompaniment that accentuates the vocal element. no doubling. the vocalists gotta know their parts cold. and then its the vocals that truly shine.

    unfortunately, i live in such a small town i don't even HAVE a choir capable of performing these pieces... so you all are responsible to perform this stuff until i become endowed to do so.

    thanks for your support.
  • Felicity
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    Beautiful, elegant, magnificent, heavenly!!!!

    Sadly, I, too, have no choir capable of performing this composition.

    On the other hand, what an INGENIOUS idea you have given me!
    I have been working slowly with the Men's Schola to accompany the chant less....with only a modicum of success. When possible I leave out the melody and only play accompaniment AND now you have given me the idea to eventually aim at only playing on the pedals and especially NO doubling.

    Deo gratias.