Miami: this pastor needs help!
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    I am about to begin a new pastorate on 1 July.
    I am inclined to work for renewal through the ARS CELEBRANDI and Sacred Music
    I am desirous of learning chant myself and implementing chant in the school and church
    I cannot read music and have a hard time staying on key but am unafraid of "failure" on my own part, having chanted consistently to my own tones at my present parish for five years.
    I want to do better.

    The parish is St. Michael the Archangel in the heart of the City of Miami
    the parish is 98% Hispanic and crushed by debt and a general sense of identity
    There are many excellent people and it is my hope that we will together do beautiful things for the Lord

    Please help us do beautful things for God and His Worship

    Fr. Chris Marino
  • Bless your work, Father. From experience, I know that hispanic populations tend to prefer a certain style of liturgy and music but I refuse to believe that there are not plenty who are hungry for something more. Please contact me at moconnor09 AT comcast DOT net
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    God bless you, Fr Marino!

    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)
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    You are in my prayers, Father! The man who puts his trust in the Lord will not be disappointed.

    I'm just about done editing a CD of an ordinary-form Mass, sung beginning to end with all of the priest's parts. Please send me your address -- I would love to send you a copy as a gift. My e-mail is olbash at post dot harvard dot edu.

    There was a very fine young man named José María López Ventura from Guadalajara who was a classmate of mine one summer. He was very enthusiastic about the work of a Mexican priest who had composed a whole collection of chant-inspired tunes in Spanish. His most recent e-mail address was canto_gregoriano at uag dot mx -- he probably wouldn't remember me, but I was very impressed with him, and his knowledge of chant, and his love for the Lord. If you can reach him, he will help you find music in Spanish that might be useful to you. I also found an old e-mail from Jose that had something to do with Gregorian chant. I can't read a word of Spanish, but I'll attach it below.

    There's a good deal of free, downloadable music on the internet, particularly at -- it's a great resource for churches with budget troubles! You have to hunt around some, but here's one I found in SPanish that's quite lovely:

    Good luck! God bless you!
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    Is Fr. Marino still monitoring this board? How is the new assignment going?

    I was cleaning my office and found the name of the priest whom I referenced above. HIs name is Fray Octavio Michel Corona, and I found a whole packet of polyphony he has composed for liturgical use. I'll copy it off and send it to you with the CD, which should be ready in late September.
  • Jenny Donelson is going to be contacting him as soon as she gets moved to Miami in August.