Dextera Domini and Pascha nostrum
  • henry
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    Does anyone know of any two or three part arrangements of Dextera Domini (Offertory for the Easter Vigil) and/or Pascha Nostrum (Communion for the Vigil and Easter)? Thanks.
  • There is the STB setting by Cesar Franck, available on
  • dvalerio
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    You also have, for the communion Pascha nostrum, the piece by Oreste Ravanello published in his Secunda Anthologia Vocalis - Cantus Sacri Tribus Vocibus AEqualibus, available at the Musica Sacra website (pages 68-69).
  • canadashcanadash
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    I was looking for the Dextera Domini when I came across this post and decided to join this board at MusicaSacra. I emailed a couple of resources and one suggested buying the Carus-Verlag at the hefty price of $7 a copy at: through a vendor for the director and organist and perhaps a couple of extra, then get the rest at the CPDL website! Genius! and I am going to try this. I would prefer the SATB, but $300 is too much to purchase one piece of music at our parish, and probably for many others. This way I will only spend about $35, on perhaps a failed experiment, but you never know! I think this will be great for the proper on Easter Vigil! I'd love to know what you think.
  • SkirpRSkirpR
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    If you like unaccompanied Romantic choral music, there is a setting of Dextera Domini by Ferenc Kersch (sometimes Franz Kersch) which is simple, short, but effective. It reminds me of a "lite" version of Bruckner style. It is available on CPDL. (When I use it at the Easter Vigil, I usually append the "alleluias" from the end of Brucker's Os Justi to make it more Paschal!)
  • Wow! Thanks. I'm going to look for some more of this guy's music.