St Michael Hymnal & Adoremus Hymnal availability?
  • Does anyone have any idea when the St Michael Hymnal will be available? It can't even be ordered yet, which suggests there's not much chance of having it in hand by November 26.

    The Adoremus Hymnal can be ordered but "estimated shipping date" is November 20 (really? shipping on Sunday?), which isn't very encouraging either.
  • Father....I've spoken to both publishers. Both expressed an expectation of an early December delivery.

    Adam S.
  • Kathy
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    I'm not sure there is a real cost to waiting. Wouldn't it be fine in most places to use the current hymnal through Christmas? Unless the parishioners are accustomed to reading Mass settings from the hymnal, the hymnals will not seem obsolete. As long as there are pew cards with the new translation, they should be ok.

    I think St. Michael's is making their Mass settings available separately, so that they can be sung right away.
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    That's true, Kathy ...

    Seven Mass settings from the new hymnal, in PDF form - $10 each for pew cards, $10 each, available now, subject to the condition: "With the purchase of any of these full scores or assembly cards, permission is granted to reprint the music ad libitum for use in one parish."

    Their FAQ still says, "We are confident that the hymnal will be available before Advent." Oh well ... so much for confidence.
  • marajoymarajoy
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    yes, pew cards and keeping the current hymnal are a great idea. (Imagine how much wear-and-tear a hymnal will get over the first year if everyone uses it to follow along for the new mass settings and responses?) Then, after the first year, when the "regulars" are comfortable with the new responses, you can get rid of the pew cards, and get a new hymnal with the texts of the mass, and direct people to it for things like weddings and funerals.