Help: Alleluia plainchant
  • Hello,

    can someone direct me to where I would find the Alleluia for the Dedication of a Church? Specifically, which liturgical book and section?

    I'm trying to identify the source from which Olivier Messiaen quotes in one of his organ works.

  • I found it in the Liber Usualis under the "Dedication of a Church" section (which was surprisingly difficult to find). In my copy, it's on page 1251 (1252 in Paschal time).
  • Note: both Alleluias I noted above (pages 1251 and 1252 in the Liber) can also be found on pages 270 and 399 respectively of the current Graduale Romanum.
  • Thanks! I don't own a copy, so i will try to find a link online, unless you have one handy...
  • Here's the Liber:

    There are links on MusicaSacra to older Graduales, but not the most recent. The older ones almost definitely have the things your looking for, but the linked Liber above definitely does.