Do you recognise this Palestrina recording/piece?
  • I've been trying for many years to identify this recording of Palestrina and would greatly appreciate if you could take a minute to listen to an excerpt and give your opinion.

    I recorded this from the original vinyl in my friend’s house 24 years ago on an old cassette. My friend had borrowed the album from his music teacher who died a few years later as far as I know. This is an excerpt from my last 3rd generation copy which as you can hear sounds fairly rough. (Later in the full recording the needle sticks and the piece repeats for about 30 seconds. I've been listening to my version for so long that even this sounds “right”!)
    Any help at all greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks - David
  • The piece is Cantabo Domino, for six voices.
  • Hello Richard, thank you so much for your response (apologies for my delay responding - I thought the forum might notify me of any reply).

    While your identification is definitely correct I had hoped this might be enough to lead me to the recording. Unfortunately it hasn't and I'm unable to find any reference to a Palestrina recording containing Cantabo Domino and Pope Marcellus Mass Kyrie which is the only other piece I've identified.

    Can I ask if you know of such a recording or where might be a good place to search? (Amazon does not have it)

    Many thanks - David
  • I can't identify the recording, David. I doubt it is posted or being sold online. You might see if one of the early music sites has a blog forum; some of those folks are long-time discographiles, and I can't imagine there were all that many recordings of these pieces from that era. You might also try rooting around in the music libraries of your local universities. I know CUA, at least, still has their collection of LPs...and one or two turntables (with an intact stylus) to play them. (All those great old terms I haven't used in years. But I hear vinyl records are making a comeback!)
  • No problem Richard, many thanks again for your help.