Christ, the fair glory
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    Hello all, with the (now combined, sadly) Feast of the Archangels tomorrow, Sep. 29, in the OF calendar, I thought I might remind of a wonderful hymn for the day. If you're so inclined and your parish likes a more high-church Anglican style, "Christ the fair glory" (CAELITES PLAUDANT) is one of the best. Oremus Hymnal link here (; please watch your speakers!) and a free recording from St. Thomas Church, 5th Ave. here: (;-gerre-hancock-music/album/christ-the-fair-glory/13001424). Enjoy!

    PS-If you're on the fence, or need a version formatted for a worship aid, I have one!
  • Wonderful hymn!

    Attached - copyright free to print and share. Thanks for suggesting this hymn.
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    Excellent hymn text!
  • Well, I agree. Unfortunately I can hear, "Christ, the Fair Glory....what the heck does that mean...." from the pews.

    A lack of interest in the beauty of music is often coupled with a lock of interest in the beauty of text.

    There are many on this list who are doing good work, lay people and priests...thank goodness for you all.
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    Well, don't assume that just because I use it that people like it! Sadly, there isn't much pride in doing this sort of thing for most modern parishes, even if they are the only music that really addresses their patron. I always thought (upon entering the Church) that this sort of hymn was like a sacred "fight song"...but I don't suppose it translates that way for many p-i-p's.
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    I prefer (and used this Sunday!) "Te splendor et virtus patris", the Vesper hymn. Dupré has an excellent setting of it.
  • Theodore Marier wed the tune CAELITES PLAUDANT to a metrical setting of Psalm 100, "Sing All Creation"--#296 Hymns, Psalms, and Spiritual Canticles. What a wonderful example of one of the classic French diocesan hymn tunes. There is grand fauxbourdon setting of the hymn by Healey Willan.
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    JM, thanks for this. I didn't realize the Marier connection. By the way, do you know where one could find the Willan? I have heard of it, but never seen it and am not sure about the collection it might be in. If you have a copy (and can email it to me or post it in this thread by 6:30PM tonight or so...hint hint!), please do send it! (My parish patron is an archangel, so we celebrate today again on Sunday as a solemnity in this parish.)
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    The title of the collection is "Ten Faux Bourdon" containing CAELITES PLAUDANT was published by Gordon V. Thompson Limited, Toronto...(a subsidiary?) of Walton Music Corp. WEI-1069 I purchased the collection circa 1980. I'm not sure if they are still in print.

    Interestingly, my first encounter with CAELITES PLAUDANT was in Willan's church, St Mary Magdalene, Toronto, on the feast of St Michael and the Angels.
  • I love the text, but very much prefer it to the original tune - the first option in "The Hymnal 1940". The one y'all are talking about is much too metrical!
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    Steve, sad face! I can't imagine anything I like more than C.P.! That said, I routinely place personal preference under the good of the whole, so I'm happy to re-examine!
  • While I don't have an operational scanner at the moment, I did find a Finale file I had created some years ago - melody only, in Latin. I'll work on it next week (too late for last Thursday's Feast!) and include the accompaniment.
  • Late weighing in, but: the tune Christe Sanctorum (in Hymnal 1982, that would be #1) was an earlier tune composed explicitly for Christ, the fair glory, written in Sapphic meter. I am at present working on an arrangement that uses both tunes since none of the textual dreck I've seen assigned to Christe sanctorum is worthy of the tune....and the lustrous setting from Rouen of Caelites plaudant is too sublime to be passed over, ever.
  • Here's a descant for the French tune. I found it in a funny little book by Athelston Riley who was the translator of this hymn in the English Hymnal 1906. Rob
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    ROM, did you mean to add a link pointing to the descant?
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  • Couldn't get this descant and organ to upload yesterday, but here is. Athelstan Riley's book was online about three years ago, but then dropped (I suspect it was uploaded in a country where it's still copyrighted, even though it's not in the US.

  • And my own descant arrangement. Audio demo on the site.