Name That Neume!
  • A blind Catholic choir director has an embossed sheet with chant neumes on it, but it does not have braille captions naming them:

    She writes that:

    1. is just a square note on the lower part of the third space.

    2. is a square on the upper part of the second space appearing to share a stem with a diamond-shape on the second line and touching another diamond-shape on the first space.

    3. is two squares stacked on the third line and third space.

    4. is a stem extending from the third line to just above the fourth line with a small, well, waving flag(?) in the upper part of the third space which touches a square in the same space with another square stacked above on the fourth line.

    5. is a square in the first space that touches a square on the second line with a square stacked above in the second space.

    6. is a square note in the second space with a stem on the right side extending down to just below the first line.

    7. is a square on the second line touching a square in the second space which touches another square on the second line.

    8. is a stem going up to what appears to be a half of a square to its right in the third space which touches a square on the third line.

    Who will be the first to get them all right?
  • I'll give it a shot:

    1. punctum

    2. climacus

    3. podatus

    4. porrectus

    5. scandicus

    6. virga

    7. torculus

    8. clivis
  • Thanks, Chris, I think that your answers are better than mine - anyone else want to chime in? Here is what I guessed....

    2 of His answers were different from yours.

    For #4 he said porrectus and you said Quilisma.
    For #5 he said scandicus and you said Porrectus.