Colloquium ride shares
  • incantuincantu
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    Starting a new thread for this.

    O'Hare Monday at 5 p.m., anyone?
  • Midway, Monday, Noon ?
  • Carl DCarl D
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    I was planning to take the train in from O'Hare on Monday. Anybody see a problem with that? Have to switch lines downtown, but otherwise seems straightforward....
  • Daniel,

    I'm coming into Midway at 10:34. Happy to wait around a bit and have some lunch until you get in. Worth it to save some cab fare.

    Call Mike at 561dash762dash4546. I will be camping this weekend but will have my cell.
  • Thanks, Mike!
    Will do.
  • O'Hare at 2pm. Anyone else coming in close to that time?
  • Chris
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    O'Hare at 12noon, flying in on American.
  • Arriving at O'Hare on Mon 6/16 9:35am via American. Planning to take the train...
  • Chris
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    The train does look pretty uncomplicated and according to their website, reasonably timely. From O'Hare it appears to be the Blue line to the Red line.
  • Deborah
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    Anyone else getting into Midway at about 1:00? Or coming from Dallas-Ft. Worth? This will be my first Colloquium and I am really looking forward to it.