Vatican II Hymnal Masses approved by USCCB
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    Although there is still much work to be done, many improvements have already been made to the Vatican II Hymnal Website.


    On 26 August 2011, the entire Vatican II Hymnal was officially given Ecclesiastical approval by the Current Ordinary Diocese of Corpus Christi.


    Several weeks ago, the USCCB officially approved ALL of the Mass Settings contained in the Vatican II Hymnal for Liturgical use in the United States of America.


    I encourage you to visit the Website, where many facts are shared.

    For instance, it is important to remember that the Review Copy is printed on thick paper with low quality binding (by necessity).

    The final copies (which corrected many errors in the Review Copies) are being printed with high quality binding and very thin pages.

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    Congratulations, Jeff!
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    This is wonderful news, Jeff! I earnestly hope that many parishes will adopt the Vatican II Hymnal.
  • Congratulations, Jeff! I am still waiting for my review copy, though. I was hoping to have it before this coming Thursday to present to the parish liturgy committee and to also present it to my father's pastor. Maybe I fell through the cracks.