I love HYMNS !!!! I love HYMNS !!!!
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    Friends, I must say that there are some truly beautiful hymns out there.

    Some of my favorites are . . . well, I better not list any, because there are too many.

    Today, we added one of three (1 of 3) sections of the Vatican II Hymnal online Hymn harmonizations:

    CLICK HERE to see what we posted today.

    I will be asking all of you to contribute your harmonizations as well.

    The organ accompaniments for the entire Vatican II Hymnal will be posted online, probably by 25 August 2011.
  • I've played the RVW harmonization of Lasst uns erfreuen for so many years I was startled by the opening chord of the VII hymnal arrangement. Anybody know the origin of that?
  • JO did you post this to give me a heart attack :)
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    Not too bad, but one would like to see translators credited, not to mention composers and arrangers!

    Why do O salutaris & Tantum ergo have the same number?

    I applaud keeping 'O Saving victim" separate: there's nothing like not knowing which underlaid language is expected and being unable to gather what the consensus of one's fellow mumblers is. But it seems really weird to have the Latin v. 1 of VENI VENI (please dont index the tune as "15th cent.") inserted as verse 2 of an English hymn, and you may as well give all 7 vv.
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    @Jeffrey Tucker: Actually, the V2 Hymnal owes you a tremendous debt of gratitude. So many of the Hymns come from the ICEL book you pointed out: "250 Hymns in the Public Domain."

    Obviously, our hymnal is the only hymnal currently featuring the Sung Propers, so we are big on those, as well.

    @Richard Mix, I think many of these (apparent) questions will be answered if you are able to view the Hymnal. By the way, it is difficult for me to envision a congregation singing all the verses of the VENI VENI in Latin (by the way, there are numerous versions: some contain seven verses, others do not) — a lot of those Latin words are rather difficult — however, it is not impossible to imagine the congregation being introduced to one verse. Needless to say, folks can choose whatever verses they want, and the Vatican II Hymnal includes other verses as well (in addition to what you see in the accompaniment score).