Hymn to St. Ann
  • just found a lovely traditional old hymn for the Feast of St. Anne ....in Microsoft books.

    in Eflat Major

    O Lady high in glory raised,
    Whose daughter ever blest….
    The Sove-reign of the skies hath laid
    On her maternal breast.

    1. What we had lost in hapless Eve.
    Thy Virgin Child restores.
    Op’ning to us in Christ a-new,
    The everlasting doors.


    2. O gain-celestial light and grace,
    Dear heir of endless fame,
    For us and all who memory keep
    Of they immortal name.


    3. To Him, the Savior of the world,
    Whom Anna’s daughter bore,
    Be with the Sire and Paraclete
    All glory evermore.
  • It looks like a variant of Edward Caswall's "Hymn to St. Anne" from "The masque of Mary and other poems" (wonderful poetry and translations of Office hymns), also found at Google Books:

    Caswall's poem is subscripted "O gloriosa domina", which is itself a Marian hymn, and his poem obviously is a reworking of that hymn to praise St. Ann. It does not use the first verse of the poem as a refrain.

    Was there a suggested tune? I might lean toward Land of Rest for its sweetness.