Adoremus 2nd Edition
  • PMulholland
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    Looking for a hymnal for my Parish. Does anyone have a review of the forthcoming 2nd Edition of the Adoremus Hymnal?
    I know it is not out yet, but trying to make a decision about a new hymnal as the timing of the new missal translation and
    a new church for my parish are very close. We would like to make the change from Glory and Praise much sooner than later....
    Any suggestions?
  • Adam Schwend
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    I haven't seen the new Adoremus hymnal, but my biggest worry about the Adoremus hymnal is that so few of the hymn tunes are familiar. Now, this isn't to say that they are bad. On the contrary, they are quite good, indeed! However, I'd have a hard time putting out a new hymnal for the congregation that has so few of their favorite hymn tunes in it. If your congregation is open to learning new tunes (and, if you're using Glory and Praise, maybe you should!), Adoremus will be an excellent choice.

    We're hoping to go with the St. Michael Hymnal....but their publishing has been delayed a number of times. They assure me, however, that it will be available by Advent.