Singing is almost like flying!
  • Kathy
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    Singing itself is almost like flying, rising up to God; it is in some way an anticipation of eternity when we will be able to "unceasingly sing God's praise".
    Pope Benedict XVI
  • JDE
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    Serendipitous . . . the other day we were rehearsing the Fauré Ave Maria, Op. 93, and my first soprano said she felt like we were "soaring" during the chromatic section. chords alternate between C7 and F#7/C#, so it is difficult to get your bearings.

    In case you don't know that piece, it is attached for everyone's benefit. We're using it for a wedding this Saturday.
  • Yes, it makes sense that it feels that way- singers perform a function of the angels. :)
    I especially feel like I'm flying when singing and listening to melismatic chant.
  • And from all that I hear, you sound like an angel when you sing it as well!
  • Jeffrey Quick
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    And when we don't sing well... we crash and burn! So yes, staying "in the air" is a big priority.
  • Just wait, FNJ, just wait....
    The living embodiment of St. Cecilia. And doth she fly!
    Cherubim and Seraphim cheeks are rosy with appreciation, they listen to MA,SM.
  • Well, you're right about rosy cheeks. But I chalk that up to physical state and Irish heritage...
    J Quick, truer words were never spoken.
    With 59 notes per syllable wrong notes will happen- it's how one navigates out of the turbulence that matters.

    Kathy, I'm really liking the flying analogy.
  • Kathy
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    I'm thinking of the flying analogy in terms of the Ascension. And choir lofts. And Sally Field (but only a little).

    By the way, why is it that at a bar, you get free peanuts but not free drinks? Whereas on an airplane, you get as much diet coke as you want but no peanuts? We must explore these matters during our time together next week.
  • Ben YankeBen Yanke
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    The choir loft makes sense, but does the analogy work when the choir is in the choir stalls? How do you expand the analogy to work well there too...
  • G
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    Kathy, on what airline do you fly? I find I must wheedle the stewards to be given an entire can of coke, much less as much as I want... a sign that i want too much?
    Now THIS is an important topic.

    Bakc o-t,, I think perhaps I used to fly when I sang, but now I am carrying too much weight (metaphorically as well as in concrete terms,) to do much more than bump along on with my tail on the ground.
    Perhaps I'm a dodo.

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