Loving Shepherd of Thy Sheep
  • Kathy
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    On Good Shepherd Sunday, we'll be singing Loving Shepherd of Thy Sheep from the St. Gregory Hymnal #45.

    The third line seems very muddy in the men's voices. I was wondering if anyone has noticed a problem there, possibly a misprint in the tenor line. Just in case someone has run into this before--thanks!
  • francisfrancis
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    At a quick glance, this is an attempt to mimic a Bach harmonization. But the last two measures in the third line do have problems with doubled thirds occuring on the word "that" (doubled C) and the word "might" (doubled G). The voice leading has been composed a bit carelessly and... yes, doubled thirds make for mud! Good ear.
  • OlbashOlbash
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    Every time I see this text, I can't help but think of John Rutter's setting of this.

    Here is a recent post from St. Peter's, Columbia, SC (Mark Husey, choirmaster):