Manducaverunt recorded by Pittsburgh Oratory
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    If you listen to this beautiful recording by the Pittsburgh Oratory:

    Manducaverunt recorded by Pittsburgh Oratory

    . . . I think you'll agree that the way they sing the Psalm verses has an almost identical sound to the recordings we have of Mocquereau and Pothier.

    I have also heard this sound by the Schola of Fr. Samuel Weber at Kenrick.

    (For myself, however, I could use more "relaxation" when it comes to phrase endings during the Antiphon. But this is just my personal opinion.)

    Ryan has generously donated this recording to:
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    They are very together. They sound much better than my choir!

    I still prefer the Triors version posted at the Chant Cafe recently ( ). The text seems to call for a more relaxed tempo. I also like the sensitive treatment the monks of Triors give to the text, within the parameters of the classical Solesmes method. Perhaps Triors' interpretation could be described as more "Gajard" than "Mocquereau"!

    Listen for example to the way Triors handles "Dominus" - a very slight lengthening of the note that carries the tonic accent, taking care not to stress the "ictic" note that follows and which falls on a weak syllable. This is exactly the kind of sensitivity one hears on the old Solesmes recordings.
  • Thank you, Jeff! We love that chant and have sung it many times. I hope to donate many more recordings to