Revised Grail Psalter
  • My copy of the Singing Edition arrived in the mail this week. The first thing that I noticed about the text is that it does not match the form of the 1963 Grail translation (i.e. equal number of lines per group, number of stresses per line). Apart from the consideration of "sprung rhythm" was there ever to have been an attempt to preserve the form laid out by the Ladies of the Grail which was, in turn, derived from Joseph Gelineau's work on the French Bible de Jerusalem? To get to the point: are the Gelineau chants now effectively rendered obsolete with this new translation?
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    I'm interested to know how it's pointed, and if the Conception Abbey tones are included (otherwise, I'm not sure the point of having a pointed text). Can you provide a brief example?

    To answer your question about the Gelineau tones, as someone who has sung these in French and English quite a bit, I can tell you that you can sing just about anything to a Gelineau tone if you try hard enough. I just tried the first sentence of the Gettysburg Address in mode Fa and didn't have much trouble.