Firmly I Believe and Truly (Nashotah House)
  • I'm looking for the harmonization of Nashotah House, which is a lovely tune for Firmly I Believe and Truly. I have the melody and the descant, but not the organ harmonization. Anyone know where to find it? Does the St. Michael Hymnal (pew edition) have the organ part in it? I may be stuck transcribing from a recording tomorrow!
  • Here's the reference:

    "Seminary Hymn"

    The text of this hymn (heard in the background on this page) is from The Dream of Gerontius by John Henry Newman. The tune was written in 1992 by Joseph A. Kucharski, Mus.D., on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the founding of Nashotah House. For music and permission to use the hymn, contact Dr. Kucharski. For the full text of the hymn, click here. The hymn has also been published in The Saint Michael Hymnal, which is available here.

    Since it is copyright, the best way to get it would be to contact him.
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    Another tune that also works with the text is a Welsh lullaby "Suo gan".