More English Propers Found Here
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    I was looking for propers for St. Matthew in the AUG and the CEB and none to be found, so did a google and came up with this. Has anyone ever seen this before?
  • It looks like he's just posting texts. How is this different than picking up a Latin/English 1962 missal?
  • francisfrancis
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    Wasn't sure what version he was posting as I didn't look into it.

    I am curious though. If you look in the Gregorian Missal, there are limited number of Feasts in there (for instance, St. Matthew which is coming up on Sept. 21 is not included.) Why would it not?
  • Ah, I see
  • Maureen
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    A lot of feasts, you just sing the Common of Saints, Bishops, etc. for the saint's day. It would say in your book what you should use. So there's no need to list them separately in the Gregorian Missal, I presume.

    Of course, if you've got a saint that's more important locally than universally, there are often special propers that can be used. Back in the day, people seem to have composed new Office and propers texts all over the place.
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    the gregorian missal is not comprehensive, it only covers sundays and major stuff. you need to look in the graduale for everything else.
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    i am going to buy the graduale... and shouldn't they be shipped to every church in the US every year?!
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    Perhaps someone could launch a "missalette" containing the proper chants.
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    o, good, chonak... let's do it!

    easy as pie with the PBC and the PEH!